Biden’s Defense Department Urges Killing U.S. Babies for National Security

abortion restrictions and military installations

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Biden’s Secretary of Defense sponsored a Rand paper which claims abortion is vital to national security. The paper, “How the Dobbs Decision Could Affect U.S. National Security”, warns that the inability to promptly kill children due to the Supreme Court’s decision will lead to “higher health care, child care, and education costs”.

If you don’t kill ’em, you’ll have to teach ’em.

While lefties loved attacking Rand, a think tank created by a defense contractor that is now a subsidiary of Boeing, only when lefties fully took it over did it become capable of this level of sociopathy. Civilized societies didn’t send women into front line combat except as an act of total desperation. The Biden administration has financed a survey arguing that not only should we send women into combat, but that we’ll have deployment issues if we don’t kill their babies.

Moloch wept.

The Rand survey argues that, “Women play an integral role in the U.S. military. A threat to their health and well-being is a potential threat to our national security.” A footnote however cautions that, “although we use the term woman or women throughout this piece, we recognize that these terms are not necessarily inclusive of all individuals who might seek abortion services.”

Even abortion feminism draws the line at recognizing the existence of women as anything except a political ploy. Think of all the men who need military abortions too.

Like Admiral Rachel Leland Levine who has been accused of killing more people than every branch of the military combined. Unfortunately they were all American citizens trapped in nursing homes. But, as Rand might point out, he did dramatically cut health care costs.

No wonder they made him an admiral even if it’s of the Gilbert and Sullivan variety.

The Rand survey alarmingly warns that the Department of Defense might have to expand its child care program “to accommodate any additional births that occur as a result of women having children that they might not have had otherwise” which is a scary prospect since it already spends “over $1.2 billion annually on child care costs”.

Or about 0.2% of the F-35 fighter jet cost overruns. And the jets don’t fly themselves. Children will have to grow up to fly them. Treating children as a national security liability is backward. Without children, there’s no one in the military to defend the society or anyone to defend.

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The military is struggling to find recruits. Birth rates are falling. The number of actual Americans continues to decline. The lack of abortion isn’t a national security threat: abortion is a national security threat which has killed more Americans than any foreign enemy. Arguing that babies are a threat to national security is a literal example of destroying the village to save the village.

The Rand survey frets over a projected “2,800 female DoD civilian employees with unintended pregnancies annually, and between 4,400 (HRBS) and 4,700 (WRHS) active-duty service women with an unintended pregnancy each year.”

Scary stuff.

If only there were some simple and easily accessible means of preventing unintended pregnancies that could be easily taught and distributed to functioning adults.

The military already offers free contraceptives. The Biden administration is rolling out more contraceptive clinics and pushing free IUDs. There’s even a ‘Decide and Be Ready’ app which provides information about available contraceptives for women in the military. Anyone who can be trusted to serve in the military can also figure out how the pill, condoms or chastity works.

Or maybe they’re not qualified or can be trusted to serve.

The Supreme Court’s decision finding that there had never been a constitutional right to abortion is not a threat to national security. The woke brass is the real threat to national security.

And according to them everything the Left doesn’t like is a national security threat. The only things that aren’t national security threats are actual national security threats.

Passing off abortion as a national security issue adds it to the portfolio of such urgent national security issues as diversity, global warming and transgender rights. When mobs of foreign migrants, some of them terrorists and cartel members, rushed the border, the military was not allowed to do anything because millions of foreigners invading the country wasn’t a national security issue. Leftist mobs attacking the White House wasn’t a national security issue either.

But abortion? Now there’s a real national security issue.

Ever since Obama took over the White House, the military has been used as a piggy bank and front for every leftist agenda item. We lost the war in Afghanistan, but the brass makes sure that every branch of the military has an equity office and is having conversations about systemic racism. The VA may be broken, but it’ll offer transgender surgery. The Air Force’s planes won’t fly, but its leadership is now black. Fat Leonard is on the loose, but Adm. Gilday will make sure everyone is reading Ibram X. Kendi. The Army can’t meet its recruitment numbers, but its ads feature lesbian weddings. At least there’s a plan to finally win a war.

Against “climate change”.

Former Admiral James Stavridis and Supreme Allied Commander of NATO had an op-ed urging, “Biden and the Pentagon Can Declare War on Climate Change.”

Stavridis had learned nothing from Xerxes trying to whip the sea into shape.

Every leftist agenda item is described as a way to win wars and maximize our “lethality”.

U.S. Pacific Air Forces claimed that using the right pronouns would “improve our interoperability, efficiency, creativity, and lethality.” The People’s Republic of China must be terrified of the ruthless lethality of our correct pronoun usage. Who needs aircraft carriers anyway?

The Air Education and Training Command claims that the Air Force “increases its warfighting capabilities and lethality by attracting talent from a diverse body of applicants”.

Nothing is as lethal as racial quotas. To meritocracy.

Abortion is the latest grand contributor to our military’s lethality. Just on the wrong side.

The pathway to restoring our national security begins with a new military leadership that pushes out the cocktail party political generals and admirals who take their marching orders from the Washington Post instead of their oath and duty to defend the nation against foreign enemies.

Then maybe there will be leaders who know that their job is to kill the enemy, not our children.



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