Articles by Daniel Greenfield

The Liar Sleeps Tonight

The media’s party has tethered its fortunes to a corrupt 80-year-old man who tells bizarre lies, like falsely claiming that his son died in Iraq, finishes speeches with declarations of “God Save the Queen” and does other incomprehensible things that not even his staffers can explain.

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Hawaiian Racism And The Maui Fires

The Maui wildfires, like the aftermath of disasters in Puerto Rico or the misery in urban inner cities in America, reflect an inculcated culture of systemic racism, victimhood and dysfunction.

The Decline and Fall of ‘Woke’

The destruction of wokeness within a matter of years shows why conservatives should not underestimate their cultural power. Barred by the media, censored by tech companies and shut out by the entertainment industry, conservatives were nevertheless able to take the hip new term that leftists had rebranded as and make it as toxic as yesterday’s radioactive waste.

Why the Left is Losing the Transgender Debate

Leftists embraced the furthest extreme of the sexual identity politics movement, splitting the Democrats and even dividing feminists and the gay rights movement, but most importantly they exposed themselves as not the advocates of victims, but the ones who are hurting them.

The Dirty Money Behind the Lynching of Clarence Thomas

Could foreign money be financing its lynching of Justice Clarence Thomas?

We certainly know that dirty money, the cash that brought down two waves of banks, that destroyed the livelihoods and incomes of millions of Americans, is now trying to bring down a Supreme Court justice.

Voters Aren’t Choosing Dems, Dems Are Choosing Voters

The Democrats have built a vast operation that allows them to ‘elect voters’. Unless America restores a system in which people elect politicians, our elections will remain fig leaves for a corrupt oligarchy of Big Tech monopolies and radical activists determined to take our power away.

The Taxpayer-Funded Child Abuse System

eachers’ unions have become enormously powerful by turning their membership and their resources into assets for the Democrats resulting in an out of control taxpayer-funded child abuse system that you are paying for.