Articles by Daniel Greenfield

Who Is Colonizing Whom?

The discovery of America was a response to Muslim colonialism. Now it’s being undone. The discovery of America and the apogee of European civilization which…

Defund College

1 in 10 college students answered that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez had created the New Deal. And only 1 in 10 knew James Madison’s role…

The Real ‘Civil War’

Amoronic liberal president opens up the borders to mass migration in order to change the nation’s demographics and win an election, but instead touches off…

The Liar Sleeps Tonight

The media’s party has tethered its fortunes to a corrupt 80-year-old man who tells bizarre lies, like falsely claiming that his son died in Iraq, finishes speeches with declarations of “God Save the Queen” and does other incomprehensible things that not even his staffers can explain.

Hawaiian Racism And The Maui Fires

The Maui wildfires, like the aftermath of disasters in Puerto Rico or the misery in urban inner cities in America, reflect an inculcated culture of systemic racism, victimhood and dysfunction.