Calling All Patriots! Answer America’s Call!

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America stands at a crossroads, facing challenges born from misguided policies rooted in flawed worldviews. The antidote? Restoring the timeless wisdom of a biblical worldview. Join the movement to safeguard our nation’s future!

America’s cry for revival echoes loudly. Our nation’s woes stem from the erosion of foundational truths. As stewards of God’s wisdom, it falls upon us to reverse this tide, starting with education. But are we adequately equipped for this noble task?

Take the assessment to gauge your biblical worldview on crucial topics: Politics, Economics, Education, Religion, and Social Issues. This tool, built on the proven PEERS assessment by the Nehemiah Institute, has empowered over 125,000 students and educators across 1,000+ schools for over 30 years.

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Dive deeper with professionally crafted Position Papers, bolstering your biblical stance with scriptural support. The Virginia Christian Alliance proudly champions this essential service, offering an exclusive discount code, AMB112, reducing the cost to just $15 — an unmatched value!

Stand as a beacon of truth in a world shrouded in confusion. Embrace your role as an ambassador of God’s wisdom. Visit, enter code AMB112, and join the ranks of those committed to restoring America’s soul.

Together, let’s pave the path to a brighter tomorrow. America awaits your response.

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The mission of the VIRGINIA CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE is to promote moral, social and scientific issues we face today from a Biblical point of view. In addition we will refute and oppose, not with hate, but with facts and humor, the secular cultural abuses that have overridden laws and standards of conduct of the past. We will encourage Christians to participate in these efforts through conferences, development of position papers, booklets and tracts, radio/TV spots, newspaper ads and articles and letters-to-the editor, web sites, newsletters and providing speakers for church and civic meetings.