Biblical Sexuality

How to Properly Demonize Drag Performers

Should we “demonize” drag performers? Insofar as we acknowledge them to be wicked and threatening, yes.

If they practice public wickedness, they should be stopped.

But insofar as they are humans created in His image, we should never consider them subhuman or mini-demons.

We should continue to pray for them and minister to them as we can.

Who’s Really Profiting off the Sex-Scandal Candidate? Plus, Courageous Student Confront NCAA/VHSL

We now have the distinction in Virginia of having a candidate for the General Assembly who has performed sex acts online for money. This isn’t pleasant to discuss—and yet it does need to be addressed, because not only does it reveal the fallout of a “sexual liberation” culture, but also the fact that major abortion groups are proudly defending this candidate. And it sheds light on corporate media complicity with leftwing politics.

They’re Coming for Your Children

The attack on children has taken on much more sinister movement toward satanic control. You can almost hear the demons hissing within their human minions’ voices as they chant, “We are coming for your children…We are coming for your children.”

Illinois MassResistance parents halt months-long lurid “Drag Queen” invasion in their town. Overcame pressure from Governor, State Rep, and ACLU.

Some parents attended a few of the Drag Queen shows at the bakery. What they saw was ghastly: a celebration of a sexual fetish. The Drag Queens were weird men in women’s clothes prancing around and dancing suggestively, using lot of four-letter words and other profane language. There were strange-looking adults and innocent-looking children in attendance.