All-in: Albemarle County Public Schools compelling mandatory allowance of boys in girls’ lockers and showers

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Editor’s note: Parents, what’s going on in your county school system? Fairfax County is having drag queens and major productions like Kinky Boots

Albemarle County Schools Mandatory Gender Bathroom, Locker and Changing Room Policies
By Rob Schilling

In direct contradiction to fundamental biology and basic human dignity, gender-zealots at Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) have launched new gender-expansive policy mandates.

Screen captures of recent mandatory ACPS teacher training reveal extreme positions taken by the division regarding the abandonment of student privacy in intimate settings (lockers, bathrooms, showers) and the forced integration of biologically non-conforming students into previously sex-specific safe spaces—at the whim and desire of the non-conforming students.

The first mandate is termed “Access in Alignment,” which ensures that the gender-expansive can choose their preferred facilities:

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This policy ensures that gender- expansive students have access to facilities (such as restrooms, locker rooms, or changing rooms) that align with their gender identity consistently expressed at school. They cannot be compelled to use facilities that contradict their asserted gender identity. For students whose gender identity may be fluid, the school will collaborate to ensure restroom and locker room access that respects and affirms their identity.


The next mandate, entitled, “Privacy,” provides “increased privacy” options for students uncomfortable in the newly mandated mixed-sex environments:

To accommodate students seeking increased privacy, the school will provide reasonable
alternative arrangements, such as single occupancy restrooms, private areas, or separate changing schedules. These accommodations will be offered in a non-stigmatizing manner, protecting the confidentiality of the student’s gender-expansive status. It’s emphasized that alternative arrangements must be available upon request but should never be imposed on students.

The final mandate is, “Discomfort,” which prioritizes gender-expansive male inclinations over privacy and modesty of female students:

Additionally, the discomfort some students may feel about sharing facilities with gender-expansive peers is not a valid reason to deny access to those peers. Any student uncomfortable with sharing sex-segregated facilities can request a designated safe, non-stigmatizing alternative arrangement.

These brazen moves of the ACPS are straight from the Marxist playbook; their premeditated hyper-sexualization of children is deliberate and purposeful. It is no coincidence that Superintendent Matt Haas idolizes Saul Alinsky’s writings.

Especially in Albemarle County, there is no time like the present to “get your kids the hell out of government schools.”


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