Why Insanity is the New Normal

step back, regain our composure, and through prayer and meditation, ask our Lord what He would lead us to do in bringing some measure of sanity to a world gone completely mad. 

Unity is Better Than Diversity

“The mob has created an environment where we no longer look for ways to win an argument but rather seek to destroy our opponents. This was always part of the game, but today it is the game.”(1) As a word, diversity will one day lose its meaning also. The last six years of upheaval are already bearing this out.

The Dirty Money Behind the Lynching of Clarence Thomas

Could foreign money be financing its lynching of Justice Clarence Thomas?

We certainly know that dirty money, the cash that brought down two waves of banks, that destroyed the livelihoods and incomes of millions of Americans, is now trying to bring down a Supreme Court justice.

The Evolution of the Woke Man

Marxism has this way of viewing any given society: the oppressed and the oppressor. A person is either in one “group” or the other. Which group you or I will fall into is based on our identity. The power lies in who controls the identity narrative.