US Airports Secretly Scanning and Storing Passenger Biometrics

“Every day, TSA scans thousands of Americans’ faces without their permission and without making it clear that travelers can opt out of the invasive screening. The Traveler Privacy Protection Act would protect every American from Big Brother’s intrusion by ending the facial recognition program.”

Biden & Co. Bow to ChiCom’s New World Order

top Deep State leaders are increasingly open about how the CCP regime is a role model for the global system they hope to impose on all humanity. Newman has the receipts in the form of videos of leading globalists saying it themselves. Humanity must resist.

Amir Tsarfati: The Wars of Israel Part I & 2

We are sharing Part 1 of the story of the miraculous survival of the nation of Israel in modern times. This will be accompanied by biblical truth in contrast to the deception of today’s news. Tune in to Amir’s message, which is fact-based, documentary-supported, and loaded with Bible verses!

Thanksgiving is Hard Work…

It’s about tradition. But such traditions as this, like so many others in the America of today, bear little resemblance to the attitudes and values that engendered them.