China helped steal U.S. election, concludes hard-hitting Epoch Times documentary

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China had a motive and the influence to steal the 2020 U.S. presidential elections, a pro-democracy Chinese-American media group asserts.

NEW YORK CITY, December 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — China had a motive and the influence to steal the 2020 U.S. presidential elections, a pro-democracy Chinese-American media group asserts.

The Epoch Times has released a six-part, 1.5-hour-long investigative documentary called Who’s Stealing America? In the fast-paced, jaw-dropping report, journalist Joshua Philipp investigates allegations of election fraud, media bias, election machine hacking, and the relationship of Dominion Voting Systems to a China-controlled securities firm. He then looks into claims made by leading Chinese professor that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been infiltrating the American elite for almost thirty years, delves into the Biden family’s business affairs in China, and highlights the role of pro-CCP operators in November’s elections.

Part 1, “Who’s Stealing America?,” carefully lays out the strange events of Election Night. By midnight, Trump and Biden had won their “expected strongholds,” Philipp narrates. But then Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia — all swing states with Trump leads — suspended their vote counts, “almost simultaneously,” the Epoch Times reported.

At 12:49, the president tweeted that “they are trying to steal the election.” Between 4 A.M. and 6 A.M., counting resumed in Wisconsin and Michigan, and there was a “spike in votes” for both states, numbering over 100 thousand, mostly for Biden. Philipp examines both these “abnormalities” in detail. He also highlights other election anomalies, including how Biden votes in swing states bizarrely outstripped the number of votes for their Democrat senatorial candidates. In Michigan, for example, Biden got 69,093 more votes than senatorial candidate Gary Peters.


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