Why Does Evil Win?

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Nathan Jones: Whew! We’ve gone through quite an election year, haven’t we? And, it’s not quite over yet, is it? I don’t know about you, but I’m quite exhausted by all of the mayhem and uncertainty. No matter how the results will finally turn out, a lot of people are wondering — did evil win?

Tim Moore: I think all of us are tired and dismayed by all of the pandemonium and exposed corruption. Frankly, not only are we tired, but we’re a bit concerned about what comes next. If you are looking ahead with some trepidation at a potential Biden-Harris administration, you naturally have to wonder what’s coming down the road. We’re already hearing about some of the anti-Christian policies they’ll be pushing. We’ve known that throughout this election season how many Americans, unfortunately, didn’t seem to care that our nation is taking a hard Left and abandoning its Judeo-Christian values in many cases. What’s coming will certainly not be good for America and for Christianity.

Nathan Jones: For over 200 years, America has rested on the Bible as its foundation, embraced the Judeo-Christian ethos for its values, and benefited from Capitalism powering its financial engine. Now we’re looking at a country that wants to proceed more into Secular Humanism, which is a rejection of God, and start to pursue Socialism, which has always failed as an economic model. This radical transition for our nation has got a lot of sober-minded people running scared. Quite frankly, they’re scared that evil has won and the nation is lost.

But, is this true? Does the Bible say that evil will always win?


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