Christmas Prophecies about Peace

Christ in Prophecy

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What biblical prophecies related to Christmas promise peace? Find out with hosts Tim Moore and Dave Bowen on the television program, Christ in Prophecy!


Tim Moore: Welcome once again to Christ in Prophecy. I’m coming to you from our Lamb & Lion Ministries headquarters here at Maranatha Acres. As we approach the time of year when we celebrate Jesus’ birth over 2,000 years ago, I wanted to change our usual setting and slow down to reflect on His First Coming and the promise of His Second Coming. I’m joined today by Dave Bowen, our teaching evangelist. Pastor Dave, I’m so glad you could join me today.

David Bowen: I am so excited to be here. I really enjoy the Christmas season.

Tim Moore: Well, you are right in the middle of it, brother. And so we are at the right place, the right time of year, and we’re going to talk about the right thing, which is our soon coming King. And without forgetting what lies behind, we are going to look forward to what is coming ahead. So what are you looking forward to this time of year Dave with all the Christmas celebrations?

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David Bowen: Every year, I look forward to this because things get out, now it’s commercialized I understand that. But you have the manger, you have people talking about the birth of Jesus. It gives me as a pastor a chance to really talk about Jesus and people are open to it. So they may not quite understand it, but at least their hearts are open to it.

Tim Moore: Amen to that. You know, I think one word that sums up this time of year, at least in our nostalgic memory, is peace, or what the Hebrew people would say Shalom, which means God’s peace. And that beautiful Hebrew word is something that seems so very elusive, not just in Israel, but around the world today. So how can we have peace if the world seems like it’s in so much turmoil?


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