Clic-VA: This Bill is On the Floor, Virginia Values Act Kills Jobs and Steals from Businesses

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The Virginia Values Act
[The Far Left Protecting EVERYBODY from EVERYTHING!]

  •  They say -“It’s anti-discrimination”
  • We say – “It’s an Economy Busting, Jobs Killing,…
  • Full Employment for Lawyers Monstrosity”

Virginia Values Act Would Harm States Economy

(Excerpt from Blue Elephant)

The “Virginia Values Act” would subject even small businesses to unlimited compensatory and punitive damages in discrimination lawsuits and order businesses to pay the lawyers’ bills of the workers, tenants, or customers who sue them. It would also let the state attorney general sue businesses for a $50,000 fine. But if a business proves itself innocent, it would receive nothing under the Virginia Values Act — no reimbursement of its attorney fees. (SOURCE: The Blue Elephant)

Expands “Protected Class” to include –

Race, color, religion, national origin, sex, pregnancy,childbirth or related medical conditions, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, or status as a veteran.

Sectors of the economy covered –

Adds “Public Accommodation” and credit to currently covered public and private employment and housing.

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“Place of Public Accommodation” definition –

all places or businesses offering or holding out to the general public goods, services, privileges, facilities, advantages, or accommodations. [Any & every business providing a service or product to the public]

Creates explicit causes of action –

Creates explicit causes of action for unlawful discrimination in public accommodations and employment in the Virginia Human Rights Act. Currently, under the Act there is no cause of action for discrimination in public accommodations. [A ‘cause of action’ gives a person the right to find a lawyer and file a lawsuit]


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Impact statement HB 1663

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