Courts Pave Way for New York Quarantine Camps, Is Your State Next?

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This is a day of great and bad news. 

From the Brownstone Institute, we are posting their email below and check out it out.

The victory of Javier Milei as president in Argentina is a strong sign of changed times. This man, who vocally opposed all Covid controls, campaigned on completely gutting the administrative state. Voters love it. He won by a 12-point split. Will he achieve his goals? The obstacles are massive but at least the messaging is on the right track. 

The bad news from the US: the New York Appellate Court has tossed out the lawsuit against quarantine camps. It’s as if some powers-that-be will accept no limits to government power, essentially waging war on 1,000 years of progress. The fight continues.

The ebb and flow, this tension and release, this unrelenting struggle between despotism and freedom, is the theme of our times. There is hope for victory but not without work and dedication. Thank you as always for your support

Here is some content since our last email:

Courts Pave Way for New York Quarantine Camps By Bobbie Anne Flower Cox. The reason the public has dubbed this regulation the “quarantine camp regulation” is because the language makes it clear that the DOH can pull you from your home and hold you anywhere they deem appropriate.


How Did Higher Education Become a Cargo Cult? By El Gato Malo. It’s time to re-assess the “need” for half of America to go to college as a vital path to the middle class. For some, sure, it’s a great plan, always was. But for many, this is not a sail; it’s an anchor. It’s just cargo cult baggage.

What is Medical Freedom, Exactly? By Clayton J. Baker, MD. “Medical freedom” has become more than a buzzword. It is also a movement, with its advocates, experts, and critics. Multiple medical freedom conferences have been organized and are taking place in the United States and abroad, and political parties under its banner have formed.

The Emptiness of the Transhumanist Ideal By David Bell. The implication of there being something beyond our immediate self, a shared experience across time, changes everything. It means there is something no longer measurable within all of us, and we can no longer ignore the results of our deeds, or those we condone in others.

Panopticism on Steroids By Bert Olivier. It is no secret, especially since 2020, that we live in a society where surveillance of various kinds and at different levels – optical, audial, text-oriented, administrative – has increased almost unbearably.  

Cutting through the Mist of the Managerial State By John Carter. Use disobedience to claw back whatever personal agency and responsibility you can in your own life, train yourself not to take these people seriously, encourage others to do the same, and if enough people do this, eventually it will become so prohibitively expensive to manage the population that the strangling vines of this parasitic organism we call the managerial state can be hacked back to something manageable.

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The Question of Iceland’s Vaccine Policy By Thorsteinn Siglaugsson. Now that the numbers are in, the Icelandic Chief Medical Officer (CMO) claims vaccination against Covid-19 reduced the probability of death from the disease by half, compared with no vaccination. But the actual figures tell a very different story, and the method used to arrive at this conclusion is questionable to say the least. The actual reduction in deaths is negligible at best, and the most worrying result is how those fully vaccinated (two doses) were almost three times more likely to die from the disease than the unvaccinated. 

When Nearly All Governments in the World Met Their Match By Jeffrey A. Tucker. To contain and combat: that was the goal of the policy, in words drawn from the modern history of US warfare abroad. The war finally came home in ways that have broken the American spirit, shattered dreams, and wrecked confidence in the future. The war failed in every way, at least according to its stated aims, but it was still a sure winner for elites.

Witnessing the Media’s Covid Coverage from the Inside By Gabrielle Bauer. Covid media, like so much else in modern life, has become hopelessly fractured: the tall, left-facing trees dominate the landscape, telling the story of a deadly virus that we “did the best we could” to manage. Below the tree canopy lies the tangle of weeds that sway in the wind, whispering songs of freedom and warning against the totalitarian impulses that all too readily emerge during crises.

Looking for Trouble that Doesn’t Exist By Mark Oshinskie. I’ve hated the Scamdemic because, like much of what passes for modern medicine, it centered on looking for trouble that didn’t exist in order to sell products: tests, ventilators, drugs, and shots and to tighten political and social control, not to improve public health. 

Don’t Gaslight Me By Richard Kelly. So what is it that they are only at the start of accomplishing as a newsroom? What is it, other than suppressing some stories and promoting others, that they want to do?

The Cult of Safety Explodes By Thomas Buckley. By worshiping at the altar of the safe, we denigrate, delay, and deny the myriad possibilities for human advancement that are inherent in the concept of risk.

Why So Many Countries Followed China’s Lockdown Example By Ron Brown. If the novel coronavirus isn’t really so novel, this would explain why the lockdowns didn’t work. We had already known that lockdowns don’t work in other viral pandemics. Even China eventually gave up its Zero Covid Policy after it was obvious that lockdowns weren’t working. My friends owe me some explanations to justify their lockdown views. Maybe Fauci isn’t off the hook after all.

Panel Discussions from Brownstone’s Third Annual Conference: Rebuild Freedom By Logan Chipkin. At Brownstone’s third annual conference and gala, aptly called ‘Rebuild Freedom,’ hundreds of scholars, writers, researchers, fellows, and supporters came together in Dallas for a weekend of meals, panel discussions, and solidarity over the civilization-wide trauma we all endured ever since March, 2020. 

Movies Came to Life in 2020 By Charles Krblich. Our philosopher-king ascended the stairs in front of the partially destroyed, but still standing US Capitol Building, and, with raucous delight, begins…Building Back Better.

The Immune System and Vaccines By Peter C. Gotzsche. Vaccines are a complicated area, which is because the immune system is immensely complicated. Targeted vaccines have ancillary effects, and it is not possible to predict what they are. 

The Painless Extinction of Formerly Free Australia By David Bell. We are about to find out whether the frogs really boil to oblivion, or whether they recognize the water is scalding and make the effort to leap to freedom – even risking a fall and injury in the process. After all, standing against tyrants was never actually supposed to be safe. The water is quite hot. It is not the experiment as I imagined it to be, but we are soon to find the answer.

There is Yet Hope for the Beauty of Cities By Naomi Wolf. Go take some action to strengthen your neighborhood, your local culture. Go chat with someone on the street that social media and leaders tells you is unknowable. Make a meal for friends and neighbors. Refuse to be hypnotized. You are thus unmaking your own chains. They can only enslave us if we let them.

Why is Everyone Concerned About the WHO? By Meryl Nass. Over the past two years you’ve probably heard about the attempted WHO power grab. Here’s everything you need to know to understand the status today.

Reflections on Brownstone’s Conference By Rev. John F. Naugle. The 2023 Brownstone Conference and Gala was truly an uplifting experience, with so many individuals from very different backgrounds and belief systems gathering for the noble cause of battling for the truth against those who have pushed an agenda of fear and lies beginning in 2020.

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