Dads & Moms – The Responsibility is Yours To Keep Your Daughter Safe From The Boys

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The chances that your children can grow into a healthy, moral person in this culture are very slim.   We can’t blame it all on demonic forces,   the ACLU,   the   Supreme Court, Hollywood or the Democratic Party.   It is basically a   failure of parents to control the environment in the home and the outside activities of their children.

Yes, we have very little control over a school system that provides condoms, takes your child to the abortion clinic without your knowledge and teaches them that homosexuality is acceptable. We have little control over the vile sexual debauchery that flows from Hollywood movies and TV programs and now the computer over the  Internet. No wonder so many kids wind up sexually promiscuous.

America, great country that it still is, was not like this 60 years ago.  Racism was the one great blotch on a basically decent nation. There were controls on Hollywood and people were generally circumspect in their utterances and actions. I did not even know about abortions. It all started to change in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Vulgar movies, hippies spewing their obscenities, pornography starting with PLAYBOY magazine, lost wars and finally a denial of the Lord Jesus that has resulted in a nation that has lost its soul.

The ultimate tragedy was the infamous 1973 Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade.  (Please know that it was primarily the Republican Presidential Supreme Court Appointees that were responsible for  this  deadly assault on the unborn child.)

 Former  President Clinton, no friend of the babies, and his girlfriend has had one of the most devastating impacts to morality with their oral sex acts, making it popular with our teenagers.  With Senators Ted Kennedy and John Kerry has led the   Democrats   in   their   fanatical   support   for abortion,   I   do   not   see   a   turn   in   the   legislative   area.   There are   some   encouraging events, but the majority of the American people support abortion if you count those who won’t lift a   hand   or   voice in   protest.   It’s   now ‘AMERICA –   MOM, APPLE   PIE   & ABORTION RIGHTS’.  Now that we have President Obama, we are DOA in the USA.

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There have been over 55 million abortions in the USA since 1973 — that many dead babies. In addition, there have been over thirty million women who have brought their child to the abortionist. Count the fathers of the babies, the grandparents and others in the family and you have a very large percentage of Americans who have been impacted by this legalized killing.

The mothers have been the ones who have suffered most with various maladies leading to post abortion stress. Many men and women have never found forgiveness from the Lord Jesus. To help them do so should be part of our ministry.


FIRST, we must bring our own personal house in order. This is the prime responsibility of the Father. He, of course, must be clean in his life if he is going to instruct the family.  He needs to council his daughter(s) about the nature of the male species. Let her know that boys are, maybe, a  little higher level than a dog when it comes to sexual drives;  that he has  one thing in  mind—to go as  far  as  the girl  will  let him. In addition, the Fathers need to monitor the dress, or lack thereof, of their daughter(s). No short skirts, tight pants, revealing blouses, exposed midriff, Victoria Secrets, bikinis or provocative makeup.   Sure   there   will   be   a   lot   of   moaning   and   groaning,   but   kids   want   some discipline. Recently an article in the newspaper was discussing teenagers’ dress. Some of   the   girls   said   they   did   not want   to   look   like   a   slut.   This   shows   there are   some teenagers   who   are   aware   of   what   is   going   on.   If   the   father   is   absent,   then   the responsibility falls  on the Mother.   A few years ago a  Youth Minister told me when he tried   to   enforce a   decent dress   code for   his   kids   coming   to   church,   he   received   a backlash from the mothers. ‘How dare you criticize my daughter’s dress!’     Consider the lower standard of dress in the church today – halters, t-shirts, sweats, jeans, flip-flops, etc.

SECOND, we need to have open communication and a deep love for our children. Are they able to approach you with problems without a blowup? One of the women who sidewalk counsels at the abortion clinic has had a number of abortions before coming to the Lord. When she was  13 years old, she was pregnant. Her mother took her  to Dr.Fitzhugh’s  abortion clinic because she, the mother, would be physically beaten by  her husband if he found out the girl was pregnant.

Mothers OR fathers who let their embarrassment with a pregnant daughter lead themto force her  to the abortion clinic should  know the blood of those babies is  on their hands, not her daughter’s.

Probably the biggest impediment for a  child to seek  help is  when the parents  are in combat or   divorced.   If   they   can’t get together, how is   the   child   to   know if   help   is available from them?  Divorce is the big destroyer of the family; the children never get over it. Their sense of stability is gone.

We are in the fight for our lives. The blood of over 55 million children must be calling out to God. We Christians need to heed the Scripture that says – ‘Your own body does not belong to you. For God has bought you with a great price. So use every part of your body to give glory back to God, because He owns it.’

By Greene Hollowell

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Greene Hollowell
Z. Greene Hollowell was born and raised in Goldsboro, NC. He graduated from NC State College in Construction in 1953. His claim to fame is he is the most cursed at man in the City of Richmond- by pro-abortionist passers-by because of his over 25 years of protesting and sidewalk counseling at an abortion clinic. Greene has authored a booklet YOUR CHOICE- Obedience to the 21 st Century Secular Culture OR God’s Holy Bible. This develops the main 7 thrusts of Virginia Christian Alliance. um.