Day of Prayer and Appreciation for Law Enforcement set for June 13

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Pray, Thank, Recognize

I invite you to join me and millions of Americans in a Day of Prayer and Appreciation for Law Enforcement on Sunday, June 13, 2021.

With all the negativity and malice toward those who bravely serve and protect our families, it is important that citizens, and especially Christians, lift up those who wear the badge as local police department, sheriff’s department and state police peace officers.

Remember, law enforcement officers deserve our respect and appreciation. Too many times, they are taken for granted. Without effective law enforcement, there is no law and order. Without law and order, anarchy prevails. This is a great opportunity to let them know you believe in the importance of their work.

Here are three ways you can show your support to those who serve:

Urge your pastor and church to designate a special time during Sunday services to pray for law enforcement officers in your community. Sunday school classes can dedicate a portion of their time to pray for specific family members and friends who serve as law enforcement officers. We have provide a sample prayer here.

We would appreciate your donation.

If you have a friend or family member in law enforcement, please take a moment today to say, “Thank you.”

The next time you see police officers in a restaurant, pay for their lunch or dinner.

Prepare a few personal hand-written notes of encouragement for an officer. When you see them in public, simply hand them the note and let them know you are thankful for their service to the community.

Post notes of appreciation on social media. Most local law enforcement agencies have social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter. You can use these to let them know you care.

Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper. Your letter will not only encourage law enforcement, but it will inspire others to join you in public displays of recognition for their work.

My friends, I can’t say this enough. If no one in your community is standing up for the police, please take the initiative. Start with your church by encouraging your pastor to designate Sunday, June 13, as a Day of Prayer and Appreciation for Law Enforcement.

Invite the police chief, local sheriff, and their law enforcement officers to attend that Sunday so that the entire congregation can pray and thank them in person.


One more thing: please let us know you are participating in the Day of Prayer and Appreciation for Law Enforcement by signing up your family or church.


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