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Four Seconds?

Because a ceasefire by Israel would last exactly four seconds. Four seconds? How do I know? It takes 2 seconds to say betel in Hebrew, “cease.” And 2 seconds to shout tasrih In Arabic, “FIRE!” (6 seconds if including the obligatory “allah akbar.”) 

If God Says ‘No More’ to America

God may let America fall, but please, if you call yourself a Christian, don’t let it be because the devil has fooled you about what God calls sin. Open your eyes to the evil that the world calls good. Dare to pray the prayer that leads to repentance.

Spiritual Fitness: The Lord’s Prayer

Anyone who denies prayer as part of being spiritually fit or being fit for the kingdom hasn’t paid attention to how often Jesus prayed in the New Testament nor with how often prayers are packed within the Bible. 

Hilton Attempts to Normalize Sin

Hilton’s current commercial “Make an Entrance with the Hilton App” attempts to normalize sin by featuring two men together with a young boy. The two dads are shown walking through the hotel lobby and to their room while one dad carries the sleeping toddler.