Globalists’ ‘Net Zero’ crusade will lead to end of modern civilization

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A cartel of powerful globalist elites including King Charles, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, the global banking cartel, the Gates, Ford and Rockefeller family foundations, George Soros’ Open Society and countless other foundations, almost all major corporations, the entire global corporate media, the entire federal apparatus in the U.S. and E.U., along with the United Nations and World Economic Forum is pushing forward with a dangerous agenda that has become like a religion for many, especially the younger generation.

It’s called “sustainable development” and the tool to achieve it is the myth of man-caused “climate change.”

Yes the climate is changing, but there is zero proof that these perpetual changes, in play since the dawn of time, are caused by man’s existence on the earth.

By instilling fear of death and destruction from “climate change,” the cartel wants to take away your gasoline-fueled cars and replace them with expensive and more “connected” electric cars, take away your wood stoves, gas stoves and your natural gas appliances and replace them with electric appliances and electric heat pumps, take away most of your meat consumption and replace that protein in your diet with bugs and artificial lab-grown meat.

Watch short video below on how the federal government’s new attempt to ban gas stoves is based on “deeply flawed” science.

And they wonder why people are getting “angry.” Klaus Schwab’s 2022 WEF conference in Davos warned the elites to “prepare for an angrier world.” Why? Because they know their policies to ban most of our sources of private transportation, our sources of heating our homes, and the staples in our diet are going to piss us off.

They also know they represent all of the big money interests in the world but less than 1 percent of the human population. I believe 2023 will be the year that determines if this powerful cartel will be successful in their drive toward a net zero world and digital slavery for mankind, a goal they hope to reach by 2030, according to United Nations Agenda 2030 and its 17 goals for “sustainable development.” When implemented to their fullest extent, these goals of the cartel of globalist predators will be able to track, trace and monitor everything, living and non-living, on earth.

Already, you can see how almost everything we do as we go about our daily lives leaves digital footprints. Think about your personal habits and how they are “connected” to the internet. Your Apple watch, your vehicle, your appliances, your Smart meters, your paperless digital transactions, your cellphone apps, all this data is being scooped up and stored somewhere. Once the central bank digital currency is introduced, I believe that will happen in 2023, the cartel will have what they call “an almost perfect record of every single transaction that happens in the economy,” as globalist economist Pippa Malmgren said at last year’s World Government Summit.

Information, data, is power in today’s digital economy. And that’s a level of power concentrated in the hands of a small group of people the likes of which the world has never before seen. No dictatorship in human history has ever had access to this level of personal data on so many people. Not even close. And all of that data will be harnessed to implement the net zero agenda. If you don’t cooperate with it, and the only means of transacting being through a central bank digital currency, you will be punished for your non-compliance. You won’t be able to hide your carbon-creating activities.

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In order to reach their goals of net zero, they will need to eliminate at least 50 percent of the world’s population.

The article below is important because it explains how this cartel has cultivated a web of lies to loot the middle-class populations of the world and herd them into a new feudalistic dark age.

Via Summit News

A damning indictment of the Net Zero political project has been made by one of the world’s leading nuclear physicists.

In a recently published science paper, Dr. Wallace Manheimer said it would be the end of modern civilization. Writing about wind and solar power he argued it would be especially tragic “when not only will this new infrastructure fail, but will cost trillions, trash large portions of the environment, and be entirely unnecessary.” The stakes, he added, “are enormous.”

Dr. Manheimer holds a PhD in physics from MIT and has had a 50-year career in nuclear research, including work at the Plasma Physics Division at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. He has published over 150 science papers. In his view, there is “certainly no scientific basis” for expecting a climate crisis from too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the next century or so. He argues that there is no reason why civilization cannot advance using both fossil fuel power and nuclear power, gradually shifting to more nuclear power.

There is of course a growing body of opinion that points out that the Emperor has no clothes when it comes to all the fashionable green technologies. Electric cars, wind and solar power, hydrogen, battery storage, heat pumps – all have massive disadvantages, and are incapable of replacing existing systems without devastating consequences.

Manheimer points out that before fossil fuel became widely used, energy was provided by people and animals. Because so little energy was produced, “civilisation was a thin veneer atop a vast mountain of human squalor and misery, a veneer maintained by such institutions as slavery, colonialism and tyranny”.

This argument hints at why so many rich, virtue-signalling celebrities argue not just for Net Zero but ‘Real’ Zero, with the banning of all fossil fuel use. King Charles said in 2009 that the age of consumerism and convenience was over, although the multi-mansion owning monarch presumably doesn’t think such desperate restrictions apply to himself. Manheimer notes that fossil fuel has extended the benefits of civilisation to billions, but its job is not yet complete. “To spread the benefits of modern civilisation to the entire human family would require much more energy, as well as newer sources,” he adds.

The author notes that the emphasis on a false climate crisis is becoming a “tragedy for modern civilisation”, which depends on reliable, affordable and environmentally viable energy. “The windmills, solar panels and backup batteries have none of these qualities,” he states. This falsehood has been pushed by what has been termed a climate industrial complex, comprising some scientists, most media, industrialists and legislators. Furthermore, he continues, this grouping has “somehow” managed to convince many that CO2 in the atmosphere, a gas necessary for life on Earth, one which we exhale with every breath, is an environmental poison.

In Manheimer’s view, the partnership among self-interested businesses, grandstanding politicians and alarmist campaigners, “truly is an unholy alliance”. The climate industrial complex does not promote discussion on how to overcome this challenge in a way that will be best for everyone. “We should not be surprised or impressed that those who stand to make a profit are among the loudest calling for politicians to act,” he added.

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