Gov. Bevin Responds to Gun Issue and Mass Shootings

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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin spoke recently at a town-hall style forum and took questions from the audience, including one from a woman who challenged the Governor on a supposed hypocritical stance on gun control.

Governor Matt Bevin’s Powerful and Faith Focused Response to Tragic School Shooting

Bevin took some heat in the media recently after referring to mass shootings as a “cultural problem” rather than a gun problem. After initially praising Bevin for his work with foster children, the questioner then changed her tone and went on the attack. She challenged the governor on his views and asked how he could reconcile them when children are dying at schools. Here’s the entire question:

“I really admire the work that you’re doing to help foster children and you’ve said number of times that, you know, the children’s lives is most important. We had a murder a little while ago where 17 people, including the kids were murdered in their schools, and how do you reconcile the children’s lives are most important with the comments you’ve made to the media about it’s naïve and premature to talk about gun control and that it’s culture and not guns that is causing these, these horrible things,” she concluded.

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His full response is worth watching in its entirety, as he articulately explains all of the different areas in which society has devalued and degraded life. He even discusses his own personal tragedy, having to bury his own teenage child.

“I’ll tell you exactly how I reconcile that. A month ago, we made a very concerted effort to make sure that we removed the media circus from the healing process,” Bevin explained, referring to a school shooting that happened in his home state earlier this year.

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“We had a 15 year old come into a school in Kentucky last month and shoot 16 children at point blank range, two of whom died,” Bevin said. “This is very real to me… you also probably are not aware of the fact that I buried my oldest child. She died under different circumstances, but went to school and didn’t come home. She was 17 years old. It’s not possible to know exactly what another person is going through, but I know exactly what it feels like to bury your oldest child,” he said.




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