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Even for the Fashionably Elite

By J. Jeff Toler for Shenandoah Christian Alliance  j.toler@sca4christ.org

For a good idea where our young students get both their brainwashing and their attitude, all we need to do is take a look at where they’ve matriculated. [https://webstersdictionary1828.com/Dictionary/Matriculate] After last week’s televised House committee hearing debacle for three top university presidents, there is new evidence that the “better” the school, the wetter the brain and the worse the attitude. If you need an example, could there be one more damning than the recent House oversight committee on intelligence that was held on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, chaired by Virginia Foxx (R-NC) and titled “Holding Campus Leaders Accountable and Confronting Antisemitism.” [https://edworkforce.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=409778]

The following announcement was pulled from the Committee on Education & the Workforce: “Over the past several weeks, we’ve seen countless examples of antisemitic demonstrations on college campuses. Meanwhile, college administrators have largely stood by, allowing horrific rhetoric to fester and grow,” said Chairwoman Foxx. “College and university presidents have a responsibility to foster and uphold a safe learning environment for their students and staff. Now is not a time for indecision or milquetoast statements. By holding this hearing, we are shining the spotlight on these campus leaders and demanding they take the appropriate action to stand strong against antisemitism.”

The Majority witnesses included Dr. Claudine Gay, (pictured) President, Harvard University, Ms. Liz Magill, President, University of Pennsylvania, and Dr. Sally Kornbluth, President, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. All three women, relentlessly grilled by Elise Stefanik (R NY-21) evidently came to the hearing prepared to show their aptitude for excusing the vicious, often riotous campus demonstrations calling for the genocide of Israeli citizens and the legitimizing of a Palestinian state. 

All three refused to condemn this speech on their respective campuses. [https://www.c-span.org/video/?c5096365/user-clip-rep-elise-stefanik-v-harvard-pres]

We may think, “there ought to be a law.” Actually, there is, but in this present day and age, some just don’t seem to be concerned by that—precisely like these Ivy League president diversity-hires.

After generations of slow, methodical, and persistent corruption, we’ve finally been given a glimpse of our future and probable demise. 

We have seen the face of the enemy, and she is wearing a mask, carefully coiffed, manicured, and polished to give the illusion of credentialed authority in matters of schooling for our bright young students. Sadly for these women, living in a bubble as they certainly are, they clearly were not prepared for the intense blowback they received when the mask slipped. McGill has already resigned. Gay has not, and will not as announced on Tuesday—though she is now under scrutiny for allegations of plagiarism. This is not really surprising. Harvard, after all, is a massive corporation that routinely scoffs at things like public moral outrage until the bitter end. All three managed to reveal their contempt—hatred really—for the progenitors of Western Civilization… the Jews, the chosen people of God. Most—certainly not all—who watched their committee hearing performance were amazed by the resoluteness of their positions.

It might seem puzzling to think of the Jews as progenitors of Western Civ, and it’s certainly not to say they were originally democratic. Today however, “The Israeli democratic system is resilient, but not because of democracy, or liberalism, or tolerance, or religious meaning; it’s because all those principles are ingrained in the Jewish people, and in their political and social behavior.”  [https://jewishjournal.com/commentary/opinion/351308/the-jewish-origins-of-israeli-democracy/]

Western Civilization is distinctly separated from the East by and because of the Jewish people; by their heritage, their laws, and by the birth of their awaited Messiah and our savior: Yeshua Mashiach, Jesus Christ. This is why Western Civilization is defined by Christianity; shaped in the historicity of the scriptures and steeped in the enduring principles found only in the Holy Word of God. Neither West nor East are comfortable with that distinction. 

Those principles established the sacredness of human life, the rule of law, the imperative of divine wisdom and so very much more—that do not elicit the same respect in other regions and religions of the world. Indeed, it’s there that such things are often despised or ridiculed.

In the portion of the world that occupies the western hemisphere—at least the one that sits between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans—such things can no longer be described in terms of absolutes anymore. We’re told they must be nuanced and contextualized instead. That’s why it’s so confusing, at least for me, when I hear someone say hate speech is considered violence. [https://www.coe.int/en/web/gender-matters/verbal-violence-and-hate-speech] How is it some speech is hateful and violent in one venue, but requires nuance and context in another? 

We’ve moved a long way from the days when “silence is violence” was in vogue. Writes Jonathan Turley, (pictured) “When those words became a popular mantra years ago on college campuses, I wrote that the anti-free speech movement was moving toward compelled speech while declaring dissenting views to be harmful.” [https://thehill.com/opinion/education/4032778-your-speech-is-violence-the-lefts-new-mantra-to-justify-campus-violence/]

So now, hating Jews is no worse than murdering babies and raping women. And why not? It was just a matter of time. Indeed, we’ve been murdering babies and desecrating womanhood for decades in this country. There is no reason to think a Supreme Court decision has put a stop to it. That decision has not produced any significant decreases. In fact, “The number of legal abortions in the United States increased in the year after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. But they decreased sharply in states with total bans or strict limits on the procedure.” [https://www.axios.com/2023/10/24/abortion-increase-roe-wade-state-ban]

But I digress. We are talking about speech that advocates for murdering viable, long-term, living humans as they live and have their being. That speech must be directed at an individual, or produce actual genocide—before it’s hateful. Oh wait, now that I think about it, that’s not at all nuanced. It’s simply ludicrous, and deadly so. To actually not speak out against this idea requires some form of nuance, which is never the right thing for any Christian to do.

Admittedly, each passing day brings some new outrage, but by the same token, fewer and fewer of us actually are outraged. 2024 does not look promising for the Pollyannas of this world. Even so, could we be seeing a hopeful change of attitude amongst ourselves? There are signs that seem promising; signs that an increasing number of “influencers” are stepping out and stepping up.

Should Christians engage in engaging the culture?

Listen to Allie Beth Stuckey interview John L. Cooper [https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/relatable-with-allie-beth-stuckey/id1359249098?i=1000638231068] and his take on the state of the Christian Church and his new book, “Weak, Wimpy, and Woke: How Truth Can Save America From Utopian Destruction.” The book’s blurb sums it up this way, “The increasing conflicts in America today are often referred to as “culture war.” But what is truly happening is a war between gods – the living God and the god of Man. Wimpy, Weak, and Woke uncovers the philosophies behind utopian dreams that become dystopian nightmares, and presents a positive vision for how we can thrive and flourish. The false promises of Man lead to destruction; God’s ways lead to life.” It’s available only from the author. [https://johnlcooper.com/]

  • “Do not be afraid, but go on speaking and do not be silent,” (Acts 18:9, )

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