IMF boss says governments need to impose global carbon tax on citizens to punish them for using energy

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Kristalina Georgieva, a Bulgarian economist who serves as the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, said Monday that the IMF wants to see countries implement punishing new carbon taxes to “fight climate change.”

She delivered her dire message at the United Nations COP28 climate summit, where globalists in attendance flew in on jets and you can bet they are being chauffeured around in luxury automobiles and dining on the finest cuts of beef and other delicacies.

“We are very keen to give the biggest possible incentive for decarbonization, which is putting a price on carbon,” Georgieva said at the summit in the United Arab Emirates. “That price needs to go up, up, up if we are to speed up decarbonization.”

The IMF boss also tried to justify carbon taxes by saying they would raise revenues for governments.

“We are a huge proponent of carbon price,” she said, in a bold statement that seems to indicate only the rich will be allowed to maintain their current lifestyles if the globalists get their way on climate change policies.

Check out her audacious comments in the video below.

Georgieva has broken it down in very simple terms for us serfs. Climate change means more money for governments to expand their power and control over the way we live our lives. It will provide a wonderful new excuse to reach into our pockets and rob us of your hard-earned money, then using that stolen money to hire more bureaucrats whose sole purpose will be to disrupt the middle-class lifestyle while creating new barriers for poor people seeking to rise up into the middle class. 

Georgieva is a globalist elitist sitting there at COP28 under the banner of the IMF and World Bank, admitting in the wide open that what the globalists want is a global tax that punishes people for driving gas-powered cars, heating their homes, cooking on gas ranges, eating meat, flying on planes, etc.

These are all things that your typical middle-class family sees not as luxuries but as everyday necessities. If the globalists get their way, only the rich will be able to afford these things. The rest of us will be left to fend for ourselves in cold, dank little apartments, riding our bicycles to work, or catching the bus, while coming home to a dinner of meal worms and crickets.

No thanks.

These people sitting on their high and lofty perches at these globalist summits have somehow gotten the mistaken idea that they can lord their perverse ideology over us and make us conform to a lifestyle fit for the Middle Ages, while they dine on filet mignon and caviar and move about in their expensive SUVs and private jets.

As more people figure out what decarbonization and net zero emissions will actually mean for their own way of life, you can bet these globalists are going to have to run for cover.

That’s why we do what we do here at, reporting and informing in an effort to wake up the sleeping masses. We must get them to realize that if we remain on the current trajectory, we will live as slaves.

In order to truly enforce such a dystopian society, they will crash the dollar and the rest of the global fiat currencies, replace them with digital and programmable CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), and require biometric digital IDs of all people, with your digital ID tied to your bank account. Once this is enforcement mechanism is in place, it’s game over. I believe this is all set to be accomplished by the end of 2025. That means 2024 will be a pivotal year in which a series of crises are launched aimed at gettting more of us into a desperate situation. For only a desperate people will accept a life of techno-slavery in a 24/7 surveillance state.

Live free. Never comply. Use cash whenever possible. Never submit to a digital ID. There’s been too much compliance already, which is why we stand at the door of domination by these evil parasites.

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