Get your tickets today before prices go up for crucial health freedom Summit on January 15, Richmond VA!

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Only 5 more days before prices go up for the most important medical freedom conference in Virginia in 2024: Taking Control of Your Family’s Health, which will take place on January 15 in Richmond.

Were your eyes opened by the falsehoods propagated around the COVID-19 pandemic?

Have you since learned that the COVID vaccines harmed many people – casualties that could have been avoided by effective early treatments that were available, but knowledge of which was suppressed?

The Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance invites you to a major summit on January 15 in Richmond: Taking Control of Your Family’s Health.

This all-day event at the Marriott Hotel-Downtown will feature nationally-recognized leaders in medical freedom as they share their stories and educate us about the many ways our children are vulnerable and how to protect them. 

Early bird pricing is in effect now

Join us as Dr. Paul Thomas and Dr. Elizabeth Mumper share their wisdom about the dangers of the COVID jab and the entire childhood vaccine schedule. 
Learn why Virginia children are especially vulnerable to vaccine mandates – including the new RSV vaccine – because they can be added to the required childhood schedule without legislative approval.
Find out critical information about religious and medical exemptions.
Learn about the toxins our children are exposed to in their classrooms from James Lyons Weiler, Cece Doucette, and Dr. Brooke Miller
Watch Leah Wilson and Valerie Borek take apart the lingering threats of School-Based Health Centers and the World Health Organization (WHO).  
Hear Dr. Denise Sibley, who would not be silenced as she spearheaded the Tennessee movement to pass legislation to make Ivermectin an over-the-counter treatment for COVID-19.
Gain critical insight into the “toxins” embedded in school curricula.  
Entrepreneur Nathan Jones will speak about how his attempt to market a low-cost product proven to reduce the incidence of COVID-19 was met with a Federal Trade Commission lawsuit. 
Christine Dolan will open your eyes with facts about child exploitation that is occurring all around us.
Dianna Lightfoot will address childhood development and the dangers of cognitive dissonance. 
These leaders will shine a light on the many problems our children face, articulate solutions, and empower you to Take Control of Your Family’s Health
These amazing speakers – with your presence – will make this event informative, inspiring, and memorable.

Registration opens at 7:30am.

Our line-up of morning speakers will take the stage starting at 8:30am.

Because January 15 is the first day of the 2024 legislative session, we’ll take a short walk just before noon to the Bell Tower and rally between the Capital and the legislative offices. We’ll let our elected officials know that we want them to stand and support us as we protect our children.
We’ll then return to the Marriott for more exciting speakers.
Finally, we’ll celebrate, make important connections, and find new friends at the evening reception and fundraising dinner. 

For far too long, some have sat on the fence and said it is not my child, or not my school. But the assaults on children’s health is affecting every child, every family, and every school across the Commonwealth.

We would appreciate your donation.

We must come together, learn, and be empowered.

We must share the information we learn with our families, friends, schools, churches and communities. 

This event is for medical professionals, school board members, pastors. elected officials, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and more. This event is for you

Join us and many others from Virginia and adjoining states in Taking Control of Your Family’s Health.


If you’re coming from a distance, you can get a group discount for a room at the Marriott Sunday and/or Monday nights before or after the event.

Don’t miss your chance to get early bird pricing.

Only on or before December 10

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