Israel & Bible Prophecy: Catastrophic Danger is at Our Doorstep

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The potential for not just tragedy but something I would say catastrophic happening in the next week to a month is quite significant. 

Jan Markell joins “The Prophecy Pros”—Jeff Kinley and Todd Hampson—to discuss the prophecy-related issues surrounding the current Mideast crisis.

“We’re on in a very very significant time in history and I’m not the only one who thinks that and people I’m following feel like something has changed in the heavenlies and perhaps not for the good necessarily but may be a Biblical phenomenon that happened in the heavenlies and if that’s the case – we know that nothing is out of control because God is always in control.  Nonetheless we’re looking at the potential of some of the major powers in the world getting involved either directly or indirectly in this middle East.

I don’t want to call it a conflict because right now it’s far beyond a conflict it’s a bloody war and I think the question question is I just was just talking to Mark hitchock taping a program yesterday and some others from Chosen People Ministries.

The potential for not just tragedy but something I would say catastrophic happening in the next week to a month is quite significant.  Does that mean a wider War, nuclear involvement if Russia gets involved that’s a nuclear power, Iran is a nuclear power,  Israel is a nuclear power; and then is China going to be somehow involved directly or indirectly and what about the rest of the Islamic World- some of those are nuclear powers. There’s a lot of unanswered questions right now and I think it also has to be looked at from a prophetic perspective that’s all sorts of issues from Isaiah 17 Gog and Magog and potentially…



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