Articles by Jan Markell

The Next Crisis Awaits – Dr. Mark Hitchcock and Jeff Kinley

Jan Markell welcomes Dr. Mark Hitchcock and Jeff Kinley to examine the coming great global Reset. They conclude the Reset is the Tribulation and we are seeing a run-up to that today. The global elite are awaiting the next global crisis to further implement their one-world plans.

Tribulation Rising: The Globalists Need a War

The Church is restraining much present-day evil. That means that you and I are on a rescue mission presently. We are called to win the lost while there is time, and to occupy until He comes! What a privilege—and a challenge—to be born for such a time as this, as we see all things fall into place.

Markell: When the Remnant Grows Weary

Society is being prepped for the Antichrist and as prophecy-loving believers try to warn, the words are falling on a lot of deaf ears.
The stage is being set for a closing act.