J. C. Willke, MD


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J. C. Willke, MD

Founder of Life Issues Institute



Dr. J. C. Willke is a physician, author, lecturer, TV and radio personality and expert in human sexuality.  He is married to Barbara and they have six children. He practiced medicine in Cincinnati, Ohio, for 40 years and he was on the senior attending staff at Providence and Good Samaritan hospitals. Dr. Willke is the president of the nationwide, educational Life Issues Institute. In addition, he has served for ten years as president of the U.S. National Right to Life Committee, and he helped to found the International Right to Life Federation in 1984 and remains its president.

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Dr. Willke and his wife are authors of book, video, Power Point and slide set titled Abortion, Questions and Answers: Why Can’t We Love Them Both which can be read ONLINE. They have written other books about abortion and the scientific case for the unborn and several books about the field of human sexuality. They have authored other videos, audio/visual sets, pamphlets, articles, movies and CD’s. He had a daily 5-minute radio program prodcast for 18 years until recently. His one-minute comments, Life Jewels, were on over 1,000 stations worldwide.

Dr. Willke and his wife have lectured in 85 countries. His leadership in the cause for the Sanctity of Life has been beneficial to people here and throughout the world.

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