Kansas To Shut Down All 3 Child-Murder Mills

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The awesome news out of Kansas today is that it looks like all 3 of the state’s remaining abortion clinics are being shut down. Even Planned Parenthood’s infamous Overland Park abortion clinic has failed its Department of Health inspection required to get an operating license under the state’s new abortion regulations.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment released a statement detailing the results of the ongoing licensing process, which was created by a new law passed by the Legislature.

“KDHE continues to review applications, and no applicant inspected thus far by KDHE has passed the inspection,” said the statement from the agency.

The agency refused to identify the clinics.

However, the state has already notified Aid for Women in Kansas City, Kan., that it would not be licensed under the new law. That clinic has not been inspected, but the decision was based on its written application. Planned Parenthood of Overland Park was inspected last week.

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“Those applicants to date that have undergone a full initial review have failed to meet the minimum health and safety standards…,” KDHE Secretary Robert Moser said in a statement.

The third clinic, Women’s Health Center in Overland Park, is run by the father-daughter abortionist team of Drs. Herbert Hodes and Traci Nauser. Hodes is the one who claims to do abortions in “2 minutes or less” and that an abortion is easier than pulling a tooth. He said of the investigation that was scheduled for his clinic tomorrow, “We’re doomed.” So of course, he canceled the investigation and filed a lawsuit:

Hodes and Nauser run the Center for Women’s Health, which was scheduled to be inspected Wednesday. The clinic canceled the inspection thinking it wouldn’t be approved for a license anyway.

Contending that the rules in the new law are overly burdensome and impose a “number of ambiguous and unclear requirements,” the physicians are asking a judge to issue a preliminary injunction barring the state from moving ahead.

So it looks like at the end of this week, Kansas will be abortion-free.

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