Letter to the Editor: Civilized Nation No More


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Re: Leonard Pitts article “Learning to get along in these polarizing times,” March 18.

Pitts wrote about getting along in these polarizing times. During and after WWII we were the greatest nation on earth. Nearly everyone got along and we were a Christian and a united nation. What was it like? At that time abortion was murder, Bibles were read in every public school, Christian artifacts and evidence was in most public places, homosexuality was an abomination, just like the Bible says, and the Supreme Court ruled based on the real meaning of the Constitution and didn’t re-interpret words and didn’t illegally write new laws.

Racism was declining and black leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preached peaceful protests, not the “Burn Baby Burn” and “Kill the Police” slogans used by black leaders today. Evolution is now taught as a scientific fact and Biblical creation can’t even be mentioned in our schools. Give me the scientific principle that proves dead matter can create life and I might reconsider my “anti-science” Creation belief.

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The most ridiculous concept is the Supreme Court even considering the marriage of one man and one woman that has been a bedrock principle of every civilized nation since time began. You, Pitts, and many of your fellow writers are opposed to everything that made this country great. Your writings should go directly into the trash can and never be seen in print.

William E. Nowers, east Lee County

Bnowers1William E. Nowers, Creation & Evolution Studies Ministry, and on the Virginia Christian Alliance Board of Advisors

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