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I have also described our present situation as the battle between good and evil. Nothing has occurred to change my mind. Events have only solidified my position.

Good (Trump) won a massive victory in November over Evil (Puppet Biden). Yet the enemy has manipulated our country with lies to claim a victory that the enemy did not win.

Far too many of our fellow citizens have accepted the  lie of the enemy for their own personal reasons and agendas. I am beginning to believe that these deniers of truth will not wake up until they themselves directly suffer the impact of the loss of their freedoms. Unless the election is corrected that day will inevitably occur. First they come for me. Eventually they will come for you.

My faith teaches me that God will act. The question on my mind tonight is what is our responsibility until that time comes, i.e., what are we to do while we wait on the Lord?

Some of my thoughts on that question will follow, numbered for convenience.

(1) We can decide to do nothing and go about our lives as if all is and will be well. Bad mistake in my opinion. We cannot pretend to live normally when things are not normal. So we must take action. And the action we take must be within the bounds of the law until the law totally fails us.

(2) We hope and pray that the United States Military will uphold its oath and defend our Constitution and protect the People. The military is not partisan. 

But what do we do until the military acts or what do we do in the event the military fails us? Surrender to the enemy is not an option. We must fight back for ourselves and our freedom (DISCLAIMER to the enemy which wants to falsely accuse me – I am not suggesting a “physical” fight back).

(3) While thoughts of a new political party and finding honest, good candidates has merit and must be seriously considered at some point in time, I do not believe it should be the focus of our present efforts. We must fix the core problem – we cannot out a band-aid on it in the false hope of a “better” result in 2022 or 2024. If the enemy bothers to hold elections in those years, the elections will again be rigged if we do not fix the core problem.

(4) I have posed too many questions so I will propose some ideas for action.

– Pray and strengthen your faith. God can change the world Himself but He really wants His children to help him. Search for His will for your life each day, find it, and do it. Remember, God plus one person is a majority.

– Continue to share the truth with others that Joey “Bribes” Biden did not win the election. It was not even close! Send your “blinded friends” articles and evidence that the election was a fraud. So what if you lose some “friends” in the process? Do you want “friends” who are willing to live a lie, especially a lie that threatens your freedom? Take a stand. Be principled. We must break out of the echo chamber and spread the truth.

(5) Ideas for action continued:


– Organize. Start in your communities. Every journey starts with one small step. Work up from local to state in order to have an impact on national. Tell your local leaders to follow the role model of the Governor of Florida. Engage in non-violent civil disobedience if necessary.

– You have basic human rights. Make your own decision on whether you want to wear a mask, how far you will stand from your friends and family, how many people you wish to attend your church or other assemblies. If a business seeks to impose these unconstitutional requirements on you against your will, do business elsewhere.

– Street violence remains a distinct option for the enemy. Meet with your local law enforcement officials and make sure there is a plan for your community in the event of such trouble. Make sure you also discuss a plan with your friends and family.

(6) More ideas for action:

– Insist that your local and state officials perform legitimate audits of the November 2020 election results. You must expose the fraud in order to fix it and avoid its recurrence in the future. Demand that your local and state officials get rid of computer voting systems like Dominion. Paper ballots and hand counts are not difficult and are entirely manageable. And a lot cheaper in the long run. Sometimes the old way is the better way.

– I have said it before and I will say it again – inundate your local, state, and national newspapers, officials, and third party wrongdoers with letters and emails demanding corrective action. Let these people know in civil terms that you are angry and demand that your Constitutional rights be respected as well as the Constitutional rights of others you learn have been denied. Be a Good Samaritan – don’t walk by and ignore your mistreated fellow man. You might need the help of another one day.

(7) Final ideas for the night:

– Form your own ideas for lawful actions and circulate them. No one person has all the answers.

– Fly the American flag at your home and don’t be afraid to display a Trump sign or flag if you are so inclined. Do NOT be intimidated by the enemy.

– Always and I emphasize always, remember that this is your country and ALL the power belongs to We The People. United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

I hope you find my ideas and thoughts to be helpful or at a minimum, thought provoking.

I like to keep things simple. We have allowed our lives to get too complicated. In my opinion, We The People need to return to the basics now more than ever. Focus on family, friends, country and God.

Freedom is worth fighting for. Once lost, it will be very difficult to regain.

The lie has already outlived its life and been repeated too many times. It is time to knock it down with TRUTH. Face it, embrace it, and live it.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

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