Lovers of Truth and Lovers of Lies, Part 2: Beware of false messiahs offering false solutions

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If 2022 was the year many people woke up and took notice of the problems we are facing, the enemies we are up against and just how pervasive they are, then 2023 will be the year those people start to look for answers. In some cases, demand answers.

That’s a very dangerous position in which to find ourselves.

Waking up and seeing reality for what it is, that’s a good thing.

But if we then turn to the wrong person or entity to fight our battles, haven’t we still been deceived?

The last time we did this, the so-called “white hats” failed to deliver and failed to complete their mission. They were outgunned and overmatched at every turn. They left us in a worse position than when we started. It’s easy to write them off as fake, and maybe they were, but more than likely they simply weren’t up to the task. They were more about sound than substance. But oh my how they looked so enticing with their style, flash and fury.

In Part 1 of this series, I explained how these white hats were fighting with cannon volleys and taking pot shots at the enemy’s flank, which caused the enemy to stand up, take notice, and switch quickly into hand-to-hand combat mode. There was no plan on how to counter the enemy’s attacks at that level. But we the people trusted these white hats anyway. We were desperate for a leader. A human leader.

The enemy not only had its street fighters willing to conduct hand-to-hand combat. It also had its information warriors in place, skilled in the art of subterfuge, to keep the masses confused and misdirected.

They had spun a brilliant false narrative, and they realized they had a limited time where they would be in complete control of that false narrative, using it to influence the minds of the masses. Their narrative started to fall apart in the waning weeks of 2022. Fewer and fewer people believe the Big Lie about “safe and effective.”

According to a new poll by Rasmussen Reports, nearly half of Americans, 49 percent, now think Covid “vaccines” may be to blame for the many unexplained sudden deaths, and more than a quarter believe the shots killed someone they know personally.

The collapse of a Buffalo Bills player during a high-profile Monday Night Football game on January 2, will further erode the numbers of Americans who continue to believe the Big Lie.

So you can see that our work has paid some dividends in terms of exposing the lies of the globalist blood-suckers who populate the positions of power in governments, media outlets, medicine, and the entire corporate infrastructure of the Western world.

Fewer Americans no doubt also still believe that we are sending endless billions to Ukraine because we care about the freedom of the Ukrainian people.

Fewer believe that elections are still free and fair in the formerly free Western world.

All of these lies are being exposed.

We Westerners are fond of saying government should follow the “will of the people.” This is the basis of our “democracy.” But this idea of “democracy” is in itself a deceptive Western construct. The American founders sought to come up with a system that guards against the mine fields of democracy, but over time the enemy has successfully been able to circumvent all of those safeguards.

Why is democracy so dangerous? Because democracy runs on the art of creating majorities to the detriment of minorities. Governments and those who control them have mastered the art of creating mind-controlling propaganda messaging. This messaging, originating from the intelligence agencies and funneled through the mainstream corporate media and social media platforms, is capable of actually manufacturing the will of the people. The government and its corporate partners at Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., can skillfully create majorities on any given issue using modern technology and psychological chicanery (research the Twitter Files, MK Ultra and Operation Mockingbird, just for starters).

False narratives fully ripened give rise to a hive mind or mass formation psychosis. Anyone who resists and refuses to join the hive is singled out as an enemy of the state.

The people may eventually see through the lies and break out of the hive, like they are finally starting to do with the fake vaccines and fake elections, but at that point it’s usually too late. The damage has been done. Billions were injected. Millions have been killed, incapacitated, or made weak with faltering immune systems. Political leaders who are nothing but stooges of the World Economic Forum have been installed at the top of every nation (Brazil was the latest to fall).

Why did people take the bait and join the hive? Because they put their trust in a false messiah offering false solutions — solutions designed to prop up a false kingdom that is the beast system.

Jesus warned in Matthew 24 that in the end times there will arise many false teachers, false prophets and false christs. That doesn’t necessarily mean every false christ will actually claim to be Jesus Christ. NO. That’s how most Christians interpret that scripture but they are not seeing the half of it.

There always have been false christs, so for Jesus to point us to this truth when asked about the end times, that tells us there will be even more false christs than usual as we near the end of human history. And these false christs will become more adept, more fantastical, more believable. To the point where, if it were possible, even the elect would be deceived.

Why is that? Why is deception so powerful in the world today?

To answer that question, we have to think like a globalist predator conspiring, under the influence of Lucifer, to take over the world. Satan is the Father of Lies and a master conspirator. That’s what defined him from the moment he left the good graces of his position as an angel of light and decided he’d rather be the master of his own dark kingdom. He “conspired,” the Bible says, to rebel against God and convinced a third of the angels in heaven to join his plot.

Now that we’ve established Satan as the lead conspirator in the effort to deceive first the angels and then the human race to accept his counterfeit one-world kingdom of darkness, we move to tactics.

If you have moved your conspiratorial plot against humanity to its final stages, introducing chaos and mayhem from countless angles, you need to keep the people distracted while you are erecting the parameters of the prison you are building around your enemy’s camp. The last thing you want is for your enemy to A: wake up to the fact they are under assault and; and B: look to the Creator of the Universe as the source of their hope and salvation. You need them to, for the most part, stay asleep as long as possible. Ah, but some will inevitably wake up, and you have a plan for them as well.

Give them a false hope. A false messiah. And make him a very salty, very energetic, very attention-grabbing man. Flashy. Verbose. A man of the world offering worldly answers. Almost like a magician, he is capable of pulling rabbits out of hats. When the enemy has him seemingly surrounded, make your false messiah the type of man who can escape out of a sealed aquarium of rising water, and slither out of a box being sawn in half.

“Yes!” the devil muses to himself, a sly grin breaking out across his demonic countenance. “My false messiah will be a Houdini!”

“Right when this false messiah looks like he’s going down for good, I will raise him up again. That will keep their focus, even in this day of short attention spans, this false messiah of my creation will have them spellbound, mesmerized!”

When people ask what this false messiah has actually accomplished in terms of saving saving the world, people will scratch their heads and hesitate for a second, only to snap back, “Oh you’ll see! Trust the plan.”

So, it’s not enough to see the enemy clearly.

You may realize the truth about the enemy and are aware of the entire diabolical nature of his plans. You’ve decided to cast all aside and meet him in the open field, eyeball to eyeball in hand-to-hand combat.

But what does this profit you if you’re following the wrong field general in the midst of battle?

You may be looking to a general who has part of the plan, but he isn’t in tune with the Author of all plans, the Master Planner.

When the battles are far off, or when you’re still taking pot shots at the enemy’s flank, some degree of flawed leadership can be tolerated and overcome.

But when you’re in hand-to-hand combat, even a tiny mistake in decision making looms large, and will most likely result in catastrophic losses.

Again, I ask, who are you following for your plan as the enemy closes in and the battlefield shrinks?

Jesus addressed this question. He said to beware of “blind guides.”

Blind guides lead their followers off a cliff.

Joe Christian may say he has his eyes on Jesus and knows He is the only real solution, yet he will continuously cast his gaze on that flashy, attention-getting false messiah.

Please don’t interpret this article to apply to any one particular false messiah. There are many out there right now, positioning themselves to exploit the topsy turvy events that await in 2023. We look at them with hope in our eyes. Stop it.

Hope is a wonderful thing. An essential thing for human sustenance.

Where you go wrong is when you invest in a false source of hope.

Maybe you have to be emptied of all hope before you can find your focus on the true source of hope.

Here’s where I’m at. The republic has fallen. America is gone. The United States of America is even more gone. What’s left is a highly fractured cesspool, a smoldering dung heap sending up nauseating stench into the heavenly realms.

God must be irritated, if it were possible for Him to be irritated, by the stench getting stuck in His nostrils every time He looks down at America and the West.

The fall of Babylon is imminent.

We must reconcile that in our minds and grapple with what that will mean for each one of us on an individual and family level.

Whether that fall will take on a literal form with ballistic missiles or an asteroid slamming into Babylon Central, I don’t know.

Whether it’s a literal burning or a figurative burning, the Bible seems to indicate that when the fire comes it will be fairly sudden and catch people off guard.

It could be a horrific act of war, an economic implosion or both. It could simply be the slow burn of collapse under the weight of financial and moral bankruptcy. Whatever it is that’s coming, we will all feel it, no matter where we reside in the formerly free Western world. But we needn’t go over the cliff to which the world’s false messiahs are herding us.

Let’s not be caught off guard. Let’s pray we can pry ourselves out of Babylon, before it goes down.


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