March 24 Event: Lisa Benson’s Assessment of Sharia in Our Community

Join Lisa Benson in Richmond March 24

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RICHMOND, VA – March 18, 2015 National Security Speaker Lisa Pandone Benson is coming to Richmond to meet with area leaders to assess the current and coming influence of Islam on our community. Ms. Benson will share her findings with the public on March 24, giving her assessment of the future of Shariah in the Richmond area.

Lisa Benson’s Assessment of Sharia in Our Community
Tuesday, March 24, 2015 | 7:00 pm.. to 9:00 p.m.
Foursquare Life Church Building
8803 Staples Mill Rd
Richmond VA 23222

Lisa Benson is a national security and foreign policy analyst, public speaker, radio broadcaster, President of the nonprofit Queen Esther Project, and Founder of the “National Security Task Force” which facilitates activists in more than 30 cities, and 3 countries, monitoring community terrorist threats. The hallmark of all her efforts are the collaborations she has created with 25 esteemed national security leaders working together – they are military experts, former CIA, former FBI, and researchers and analysts from Policy Centers and Think Tanks in Washington, D.C.

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Join Lisa Benson in Richmond March 24

No stranger to counter-intelligence, Ms. Benson has been involved in national security matters, in various capacities, for nearly 14 years. She readily admits she did not seek out a career in national security, it found her. Days after the 9-11 attack, Lisa was contacted by the esteemed Steven Emerson who was, at the time, the only counter intelligence expert working to educate the American people on what lay ahead. Steve Emerson asked Ms. Benson to lead an effort to gather the resources who would go undercover in mosques as well as those who would help fund efforts to educate America on the threat of a nuclear Iran.

Lisa speaks to a national and international audience each week on Salem Communications, 960 The Patriot each Sunday afternoon as the voice of the Lisa Benson Radio Show for National Security Matters at 4pm EST in iHeartRadio.

Most recently, Lisa joined the highly regarded VOICE OF ISRAEL and can be heard regularly giving opinion on the United States/Israel relationship. Lisa can also be heard several times a week on “Leading Edge Radio” as their National Security Advisor, Pro-Israel, and foreign policy advisor.



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