March for Marriage: June 19th, 2014, Washington, D.C


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The March will take place in Washington, D.C. on June 19th, beginning at 11:00 am. Please check out the 2014 March for Marriage website for more details.  On the site, you’ll find all the resources you need to get involved and participate in this year’s March, including:

Marriage-March-2014-Logo-285x300The first annual March for Marriage took place in Washington, DC on March 26, 2013, bringing together nearly ten thousand grassroots activists to the National Mall for a rally and march to the Supreme Court on the day the Court heard oral arguments in the case Perry vs. California (regarding California’s Proposition 8).

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The March for Marriage sends a clear message to every level of society that a majority of Americans still stand for marriage as it has been traditionally and historically defined and handed down through the centuries. In the face of elite and powerful special-interest groups bent on redefining this cherished institution, this March powerfully proclaims that marriage as the union of one man and one woman is our culture’s best means of linking mothers and fathers to one another and to their children.

As Americans watch news from around the world of hundreds of thousands taking to the streets in support of marriage — in places like France, Spain, Puerto Rico, and elsewhere — they may fear that the cause in America is already lost… that popular opinion has already slipped too far in the other direction. But this is not the case. The March for Marriage aims to grow and to become an outpouring of support on similar scale here in our own country as has been seen elsewhere around the world.

The March for Marriage is poised to become an essential and indispensable vehicle for voicing the values of pro-marriage Americans in a way that cuts through the biased media narrative and demands hearing in the halls of power.

The clearest road to victory for marriage — the best and surest way to safeguard the basic rights of free exercise and free expression for pro-marriage individuals and communities, and particularly individuals and communities of faith — is to rally the American people behind the cause and give them the courage and support they need to stand up and speak out on its behalf.

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March for March June 19 2014

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