Marriage Should Be One Man One Woman

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Letter to the Editor, Richmond Times Dispatch, February 10, 2014

Dear Editor:

On September 15, 2013 in his Metro column, Jeff Schapiro wrote about the looming “plot” by the Democratic Party to legalize same-sex marriage in Virginia. With amazing accuracy his forecasts are largely playing out at this moment.

What he didn’t predict was the propaganda that would be disseminated by the Richmond Times Dispatch own Bart Hinkle. His repeated advocacy efforts for homosexual marriage are mostly dependent on questionable surveys, social engineering, and pressure politics. Hinkle’s recent Op/Ed column was no exception.

His dismissive regard for the moral, religious, and antecedent common law support for traditional marriage supported by millennia of social practice and mores makes his arguments as well as those of recent intercessions by activist courts manipulative and coercive. Hinkle’s assertion of rights for homosexuals to marry whomever they choose including same –sex partners is unsupported by biological and moral order.

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Using his own arguments, he has no basis then to deny polygamy, group marriage, bestiality, pedophilia, or incestuous marriages since he recognizes no foundation in natural law, science, or moral order.

Hinkle’s militancy rouses him to presumptuously negate social constraints and the legitimate role of government to prohibit wrong and commend right behavior. Government has the duty to prohibit behavior that is immoral and unnatural because that falls within its role.

The government prohibits incestuous marriages, pedophilia, polygamy, bestiality, and murder, as it should, because they do not follow the natural order of things. The same holds true for homosexual marriage – it does not follow the natural order of things. Competent government and competent judiciary must rightfully recognize marriage as only legitimate between one man and one woman..

Joseph A. Rogowski

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Joe Rogowski is a member of the Virginia Christian Alliance Advisory Board, a former missionary and itinerant teacher, who recently has been on numerous mission trips to Africa and Europe teaching on Biblical Worldview and Culture.