Mission No. 1 For Parents Who Have New Born Children

Greene Hollowell 2012 150A

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Greene Hollowell 2012 150AAfter the obvious physical needs of your new born baby your Mission # 1 should be to introduce your child to the Lord Jesus as soon as possible. Despite the seemingly innocent appearance of your precious child he is born with a sinful nature inherited from the first man, Adam, and passed down through the ages.

While each child will progress differently age-wise when comprehending God it would never be too early to bring Him into his life. In fact some mothers start when the child is in to womb, sings and praising God, knowing that the baby can receive blessings in this way.

The mission is to lead the child into a born again, a saving experience, with Jesus as their personal Savior. Some children will self-express their commitment with Jesus even before their parents are aware of it.

The reasons for an early commitment is so the child will experience life in the fullest sense knowing that Jesus is with them through thick and thin. In addition they will not fall in to sinful life styles causing problems in the future.

A most serious consideration is that he will be assured of going to Heaven and not to Hell at death.

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