Mrs. Diana DeBoe


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Diana DeBoe

Virginia Coalition for Life

Virginia Beach, VA

I was raised by wonderful parents in bilingual Montreal, Canada.  My older sister was a dwarf, which colored my understanding from early on.  The political landscape in Quebec, when I was a teen, erupted into martial law and separatism.  Without a Biblical worldview, I assimilated that chaos in with the 60’s mantras.  While in university and as a young married in Boston, I was involved in various forms of rebellion and anarchy.  During that time I taught secondary grades and then trained in New York for the theater, where I spent decade acting on stage and in film.  I had attended church while growing up, but chose to discard it—until at thirty-one I found myself unable to control circumstances or people.  It was then that I called to God for His help, which He has given me from that day to this.

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My early years walking with Jesus took me to upstate New York, working as a counselor in a home for troubled women.  Then came a communication degree at Regent University, where I met and married my wonderful husband Chris.  We celebrated our 22nd anniversary in February, and our son Joshua is graduating this month from GMU.  When Josh was a toddler, I became the regional coordinator for Prison Fellowship.  For several years, I taught life skills and Bible studies to incarcerated men and women.  My husband and I then became members of Calvary Revival in Hampton Roads, and I was able to help establish their Christian Academy over seven years.  God’s next assignment was to help start The Virginia Chronicle, a weekly newspaper.  I spent about five years as editor, endeavoring to infuse every section with God’s perspective.  More recently I was asked to be the Director of a Crisis Pregnancy Center.  I did this until my mother’s Alzheimer illness in Montreal required my time and traveling.  I remain very involved with the Virginia Coalition for Life, and am a co-host of a weekly pro life radio show.  God is good, all the time, and He is faithful.

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