New! EYE in the SKY: Global Military Aerial Tracking

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Code name “Monkey Werx” ( is an aerospace industry analyst who monitors real-time flight data of military aircraft in order to identify geopolitical events that are taking place.

Many people know the Monkey as MilSpecOpsMonkey from social media where he provides insight into military special operations, tracking of flights to Guantanamo Bay Cuba, the War in Ukraine as well as several other locations. Monkey is also a regular guest with Pastors James Kaddis and Tom Hughes (Hope for Our Times).

The Monkey was born and raised on the east coast of central Florida and is a second-generation surfer as well as a third-generation military veteran who has spent more than thirty years in the aerospace and defense industry working across a range of areas from supply chain logistics, aircraft maintenance, lean manufacturing, and advanced weapons programs.

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After three decades of corporate politics, the Monkey decided to throw in the towel, and in late 2019 started MonkeyWerx in the great State of Texas. In addition to podcasts and blogs, MonkeyWerx focuses on handcrafted artisan-style products like beard balms and oils, soaps, and exotic wood werx. A majority of the products are designed and made by the Monkey himself, complete with the monkey’s signature on the back – creating unique, high-quality products you won’t find anywhere else. Monkey Werx, Werx for the Soul.



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