New World or Old?

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Much has changed in the last week, let alone the last three months. This week is disappointing, but not surprising. We should not give up hope. The forces of darkness think they’ve won, but God is always in control. Now is the time to remain calm, prepare, pray, stand, and act.

I’m reminded of the children’s tale Stone Soup. The main thrust of the book’s plot is three soldiers arrive in a village. They are tired, hungry, and have nothing to eat. The village is poor and has very little to offer. One of the soldiers decides to make stone soup. In the process, they persuade the village to each contribute what they have to the soup. Everyone contributes, and at the end the soldiers leave being fed. Today’s circumstances are little different, today’s stone soup makers are looking to you to feed them. We’ll see who today’s three soldiers in a moment.

How Did We Get Here?

To see how we got here, we need to go back about one hundred years. America had the opportunity for a third Great Awakening in the 1930’s. But instead of turning again toward God as a people, as we had in the past, we accepted Roosevelt’s New Deal. We placed reliance on man, governance, and politicians instead of God. This is true among church leadership as well. In 1945, at the end of World War II, the leaders of the Catholic and many mainline Protestant churches supported the United Nation’s formation as the first imperfect step toward a single global government.[1]

Who Are the Three Soldiers?

In 2020, the forces behind this effort came together attempting to bring their plan to fruition. They are the three soldiers just mentioned. In the process, they’ve revealed themselves.

External Threats …

Soldier number one is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). When President Trump took actions to end China’s ambitions of becoming the world’s dominant power, they declared a people’s war on America. This war covers all aspects of society; culture, information, politics, business, and military. The last is only used at the end if all others fail. The church is also included. It is to be eliminated. There is no place for Christianity’s ideas within its society. Today it is working to destroy Christian churches, and imprison or re-educate Christ’s followers. I think we’ll also find they committed biological warfare against America and the rest of the world. Sec. of State Mike Pompeo provides his views in the following OAN video.

The second soldier consists of the globalists supporting the great reset. They are elitists that include many business leaders, economists, policy makers, etc. They’ve worked with the United Nations and other Non-Governmental Organizations to advance their cause and fund efforts aligned with theirs. They’ve been quite open about who they are and what they’re about.[2] They are a self-proclaimed elite due to some physical trait or possession. Cast in the mold of ancient Rome’s ruling elite; the patricians, senators, equestrians, etc. Their actions mark a return to paganism and its inherent immorality.

… And An Internal One

For the third soldier, we need to look closer to home. With few exceptions, that soldier is our politicians. We no longer have democrats or republicans. Again, with few exceptions, we have only a set of corrupt or compromised immoral elites who desire to rule rather than serve.

America’s governance system contains multiple layers where power was to be diffused and limited. Over the last hundred years that model has been inverted. Power’s accumulated at the top and become concentrated in the hands of unelected bureaucrats.

The first level within federalism is our local governments. The jury is still out on them. I have my opinions, but we’ll see how they respond. The second is our state government. Again with few exceptions, these have betrayed their oaths, duties, and trust. They have committed treason. We see it with their actions both to covid and the recent election.

While covid is real, our response is not. Lockdowns, closing businesses and churches, and requirements such as wearing masks reduce our freedom, capacity to care for ourselves, health, and security.[3] These government officials, policy makers, bureaucrats, and health officials refuse to use existing therapeutics that work.[4] The blood of several hundred thousands of their fellow citizens are on their hands. In terms of the election, some state officials have single handedly changed elections laws they had no authority to change. All in an effort to subvert the recent election. This probably does not stop with the presidential race but likely extends at least to congressional and senatorial elections as well.

Federal Government

The list of offenses here is long, but I will stay with the recent election. That is enough. State legislatures are given election oversight authority by America’s federal Constitution. But those in the swing state’s dithered when they should have acted and looked into the fraud and irregularities. Instead, they followed their normal course and approved electors without even looking into the truth. They waited to act until their actions had no meaning. The results of political cowardness.

Congress also postured along party lines, knowing those actions would come to nothing. State and federal courts refused to even hear the evidence, let alone consider it. And the supreme court was no better. It is ironic that courts require taking an oath to tell the truth before God, then work like the dogs of hell to remove Him from the law and the courtroom. In addition, an image of Moses hangs at the back of Congress to remind them of law’s true source. It’s plain they’ve ignored it. As to the justice department, fbi, and other federal agencies with jurisdiction, they were nowhere to be found. They are complicit.

Voter Registration

As to the extent of the fraud itself, there is much evidence that has already been presented and we’ve heard there is more to come. One measure alone offers a telling clue. The following data comes from the Census Bureau in 2018[5] and 2020 election results as they stand today.



U.S. Voting Age Population


Registered Voters


Voted in 2018


2020 Presidential Election Results








There appear to be over 2 million more votes than registered voters in 2018. Much will be made of the recent efforts to register voters. But a recent Brennan Center study indicates that in 17 of 21 states where online voter registration data is available, average voter registration rates decreased by 38% on average.[7] These states include Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Virginia.

The registration rates for most of these states was only between 1 and 3%. So the question is not how many voters are registered, but how many of those registrations are legitimate. Evidence was presented for each of the six contested states regarding dead voters, invalid address registrations, moving out of state, duplicate voting, underage voting, and other irregularities. In addition, we know ballots cast for President Trump were either not counted or were switched to the democratic contender.

I recently saw a statistical analysis indicating that locations using dominion voting machines had on average a 5% difference in voting pattern than those that did not, in favor of the democratic contender.[6] Finally, the 2016 election saw only 128.8 million votes. Even if vote totals grew by 10%, which is unlikely, there would only be about 141 million votes. Subtracting President Trumps figures from that total, which is likely understated, leaves only 67 million votes for the democratic contender. So how did he receive over 80 million?

History Repeats Itself

Why the three soldiers? We see history repeating itself. In the mid-first century BC three men conspired to divide the Roman empire. Crassus wanted wealth, Pompeii military glory, and Caesar political power. It is no different today. The CCP wants world domination, the globalists economic power, and the democratic party political power. Those involved who are U.S. citizens have committed high treason and deserve prosecution to the fullest extent the law allows.

Our Time to Choose

The lines are drawn. There is only light and darkness. There is no fence. It is time to choose where we will stand. The last remaining obstacle if the American government fails, is the evangelical Christian community, and the Enemy’s sites will be set on it. The darkness thinks it’s won, but it has only forged its own chains. Light always overcomes the dark. We have God’s word on that, and He cannot lie.

We must use the full armor of God. One thing to note about these weapons; they are all offensive. Helmet, shield, sword, breastplate, and sandals only protect you when advancing against the Enemy—that is, Satan. If you turn your back, you are unprotected. Today more than ever, we must keep our faith, pray, stand firm, and advance against the Enemy.

May God’s Blessings be upon you and your families.


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