Pictures Can Speak Horrific Words

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Richmond Times-Dispatch,  Friday, December 6, 2013

The pictures in the article, Rhetorical Crimes on the OP/Ed page, invoked the similarities of socialism under the German Nazis Nationalism, the Russian Marxist Communism and the American Democratic Party’s Agenda. Not a good idea to make these comparisons says the writer Kathleen Parker. She asked- ‘What is the impulse that drives our need to make such comparisons? Some things are like nothing else- and should be left to rest in peace’.

And that is just the problem, we let horrible injustices to continue and hopefully rest in peace. The majority of Americans hope that will happen with abortion, Let it alone, stop talking about it. But there are some who will not be quite because it is a horrible injustice. How do you get the attention of the majority to change their minds? One effective way is to show the pictures of the aborted babies. People do change when they see them. Yes, there are people who become more hardened and lash out in anger.

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The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform visits college campuses to show the horror of abortion. Using large pictures of aborted babies and comparing them to pictures of the dead Jews in Germany and Southern slaves hanging from a tree, a comparison is made that would upset Kathleen Parker. And they upset the college students. They have been so prepped by their professors to accept abortion that they can not see straight when they see the comparisons. But here is the result- after the initial anger some students do change, not many, but some.

This is one part of the pro-life community, some involved in legislative work, conferences, sidewalk counseling & protesting and others at pregnancy centers. They all play a part in trying to keep American mothers from killing their baby in the womb.

Greene Hollowell

Virginia Christian Alliance Board Member

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