Protect Your Election Rights: Pass the Redistricting Amendment 

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Legislation presented earlier this session attempted to move Virginia away from recognizing the electoral college process in national elections. That legislation attempted to set aside U.S. Constitutional requirements for electing the president. Also, five of the six seats that changed parties this last election were influenced by a court ordered redistricting that was carried out by a California firm for Virginia. This change also including the redistricting that likely cost Dave Brat his seat in Virginia’s 7th District. Redistricting is one of the means being used to change election results in Virginia.

Some legislators are trying to pass a state constitutional amendment creating a more transparent process for setting districts for state and federal offices going forward. If you agree with the purpose, your voice is needed.

Other legislation is in the process of passing this year that eliminates the need for a photo ID when voting, same day registration (what could go wrong?), and extended early voting. Our election processes are under attack in order to produce a specific outcome. More about these changes and an update of other legislation status as of this weekend is in this post. [Bills Headed to the Governor’s Desk Kills Virginia as We Know It]

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Please Insist Committee Members Pass the Redistricting Amendment 

Democrats and liberal activists are tempted to defeat this amendment so they can take advantage of their current majority to gerrymander districts and cement their control for another 10 years. 

The only way to get real, lasting reform is to amend the State Constitution to take the redistricting process out of the hands of the legislature.  

The amendment establishes the first ever Virginia Redistricting Commission

  • made up of eight legislators and eight citizens with a citizen chairperson
  • selected by retired judges from lists provided by both parties in both chambers of the General Assembly
  • maps require the votes of six legislators and six citizens to pass
  • the legislature gets an up-or-down vote but not the ability to amend.
  • every step of the proceedings would be open to the public


Please call and email the Democrats below!

Please forward this urgent plea for action to friends and networks TODAY.

Committee meets at 9:30 am Monday!


Voicemails will get the best results.
Lindsey 804-698-1090
Simon 804-698-1053
Sickles 804-698-1043
Rasoul 804-698-1011
Price 804-698-1095
Krizek 804-698-1044
Levine 804-698-1045
Adams 804-698-1068
VanValkenburg 804-698-1072
Convirs-Fowler 804-698-1021
Reid  804-698-1032
Askew 804-698-1085
Simonds 804-698-1094

IMPORTANT if you prefer to EMAIL

Be sure to put “Vote YES on  SJ 18” in the subject line

(Copy and paste block ​in​to bcc ​to​ email all committee Democrats),,,,,,,,,,,,,




SJ 18 Constitutional amendment; Virginia Redistricting Commission


Carol Stopps and the CLIC-VA Team


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