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239 years ago, Americans rebelled against an out-of-control government, declaring their independence from England. Today, many Americans are also rebelling against an out-of-control government often perpetrating similar abuses upon them. But, fortunately, the situation is different this time.


Be encouraged. While the Founding Rebels—after patiently petitioning the British government for a long time—ultimately were forced into a brutal war to end their oppression, we’re not in that situation. We still have a voice today and can effectively use the government the Founders sacrificed so much to implement to prevent further governmental abuse. Our rebellion occurs in the halls of Congress and state legislatures, in school board meetings, and in the hearts and minds of reasonable people across America. Our rebellion is orderly, peaceful, and lawful. In fact, it is the [Big-Government Disciples] who are acting unlawfully, ignoring America’s ultimate authority—the Constitution—as well as many existing laws.

We are lawfully rebelling against the unlawful.

We have the moral high ground.

THE LIBERTY REBELLION released today on Amazon, marking the 238th anniversary of America’s declaring her independence. Here is a description of the e-book:

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Life is getting scary for young Americans. They suffer under high unemployment, a stagnant economy, and an incomprehensibly large national debt that will ultimately fall on their shoulders, potentially decimating their future opportunities and freedom. Both major political parties are to blame and must be stopped before they do even more damage. While most young Americans aren’t yet aware of the coming challenges they will face, many other Americans are and have united to rescue the rising generations from a future of high unemployment and taxes, low wages, and a debt they can’t possibly repay. THE LIBERTY REBELLION is an essay describing the principles driving this movement to fight the status quo and makes a compelling and heartfelt appeal to young Americans, explaining why they should not only join but help lead the charge to re-liberate America from government control. Young people will be inspired to unite with Americans of all ages and be equipped to use their passion to help create a boundless future where all can be free again.

You can purchase this 8,000-word essay for a mere .99 on Amazon. Don’t have a Kindle device? No problem. You can download a Kindle app for any device or your computer to read Kindle e-books. You can also gift the book to the young person in your life (child, niece, nephew, friend, etc.) who needs a better understanding of the principles of liberty to be inspired to stand up against Big-Government control.

If you’re a young American, I hope you find what I wrote informative, compelling, and inspirational. More importantly, I hope it shows you how to fight the status quo and free your future.

Jon Wakefield Portrait-profileAbout Jon Wakefield
As a political independent, Jonathan Wakefield serves as an advisor on the Virginia Christian Aliance and on the Board of Directors of the Richmond Tea Party. He is the author of SAVING AMERICA: A CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE ON THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT, and the novel FATAL REALITY (an inspirational thriller). Jonathan is also a computer programmer and the owner of a copywriting and editing business. Visit his other website at

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