Saturday, July 9th at 4pm: A Rally for Life: Abolish Abortion in Virgina

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Bob Good Champions Virginia Pro-Life March to Abolish Abortion

The July 9th event in Richmond’s Capitol Square will lay down the gauntlet for maximum protection for every human person.

The Republican Standard

Republican pro-life stalwart Congressman Bob Good (VA-05) is headlining the first annual Rally for Life in Richmond’s Capitol Square on July 9th at 4pm with a simple and clear message to abolish abortion and defend every human person no matter how small.

Good issued a statement announcing his intention to press for more than just mere regulation of the abortion industry:

I have sponsored a discharge petition in the House of Representatives in an effort to force a Floor vote on the Life at Conception Act which would recognize the scientific fact that life begins at conception and is protected by the 14th Amendment. So far, 54 of my Republican colleagues have joined me in signing my discharge petition.

But, as you can imagine, I am coming under attack for my principled and uncompromising stand to protect all life in the womb. Of course, the Democrat Party in Washington and Richmond is in lockstep in their extreme radical support of abortion at any time, for any reason, up to and beyond the moment of birth, paid for by your tax dollars. But, most disappointing is the resistance by weak-kneed and compromising Republicans, and even supposed “pro-life” groups, who have been so quick to call for only very modest efforts such as 15-week or 20-week bans that would make little difference in reducing abortions or saving life in the womb.

As predicted, many so-called pro-life groups are rushing to become the pro-regulation arm of the abortion industry, calling for 15 or 20 week bans that came under fire from former Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling as ineffective at best:

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According to the Guttmacher Institute, only 1.3% of abortions are performed after 20 weeks gestation. The vast majority of abortions are performed much earlier in pregnancy. So, if Governor Youngkin’s proposal were adopted, 98.7% of all abortions in Virginia would still be legal!

I’m not advocating for or against the Governor’s proposal. Some will still feel it is too much. Some may feel it is not enough. I’m just pointing out the actual impact of the proposal. Be informed. Many policy proposals are not what they appear to be, for better or for worse.

Governor Youngkin — on the heels of a rumored 2024 presidential bid — has recently signaled his support for a 15-week regulation of abortion, a reversal from his criticism of the Texas heartbeat bill as “unworkable” which would regulate abortion with a 6-week ban.

Rep. Good is having none of that:

I pledge to you that I will continue to stand unashamedly and unapologetically for life from conception, without exception. I will be an unwavering voice for the voiceless, and relentlessly fight to expose Democrats as the party of death, and those Republicans who are shirking in the battle when we need them most.

National pro-life organizations have been quick to mobilize on the collapse of the former Roe v. Wade regime with strong support for pro-life legislation for both mothers and their babies.  Fellow speakers for the Virginia Rally for Life have not yet been listed.



The right to life is a foundational principle of our nation, rooted in the Declaration of Independence, which states that governments are instituted in order to protect the God-given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There is no greater responsibility of government than the protection of precious, innocent life. 

In addition to protecting preborn life, I am deeply concerned by efforts to trample over the conscience rights of taxpayers who have sincere objections to abortion. According to a January 2021 poll from Marist and the Knights of Columbus, a majority of Americans do not support government funding of abortion. Historically, federal and state law protect conscience rights for those who have religious objections to abortion. Conscience rights are grounded in the First Amendment and the very essence of our Bill of Rights. Freedom of conscience must be defended despite efforts in the legislature and judiciary to strip this fundamental right. It is important that the Hyde Amendment and the Hyde principle of protecting life are included in all bills relating to funding of government health services so that taxpayer funds are not used to pay for abortions in the United States or abroad.

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