Structural Racism

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Editor’s Note 8/29/20: This was written by a Tea Partier in 2011. Everything came true, except it only took nine years and it’s being carried on by self-declared “trained Marxists”.


  • The Left is misusing race under the banner of ‘structural racism’ as a weapon to advance its collectivist, redistributionist agenda.
  • Structural racism advocates are making significant inroads in both civil rights circles and popular thought.
  • Unless somebody with influence starts standing up to the structural racism crowd, structural racism will become a 20-year overnight policy success. It’s already well on its way.
  • Anyone hoping to compete with structural racism advocates rhetorically had better come to the battle well-prepared and able to match their sophistication.

Why This Report?

Now is the time to pay attention to the Left’s new rallying cries, “structural racism”. Issue campaigns can take 20 years to gestate. The Supreme Court’s recognition of gun rights for individuals came after 20 years of effort on the part of the National Rifle Association that begin with commissioning law professors to write scholarly articles in law journals. Gays can marry in five states today because gay activists have been working the gay marriage issue for the last 15 years or more.

A year before the push for Obamacare, Left-wing activists at a progressive conference discussed how to craft a bill to make insurance companies “whither on the vine” so the country would eventually have no choice but to turn to single-payer, i.e., socialized medicine. The activists’ vision came to fruition a year later in Obamacare.
A similar campaign is now underway for structural racism and its redistributionist policy aims. The groundwork is being laid and headway is steadily being made. The idea has thoroughly penetrated civil rights circles and is grabbing mindshare elsewhere. Agitators are indoctrinating minority youth in structural racism concepts, setting up future policy successes at the voting booth. The Left can win again unless attention is paid to structural racism now and the efforts of its advocates resisted.


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About the Author

The above Commentary is provided by Chris Wright. Chris Wright is an independent liberty activist in the leadership of Potomac Tea Party, a national Tea Party based in Northern Virginia. He founded and is president of the first and only nonprofit formed to empower grassroots activists with small financial grants. His primary areas of focus are fighting socialism and deconstructing the false narratives of the Left. He founded the Anticommunism Action Team (ACAT) in 2013 to counter communist influence at home and abroad. ACAT’s Speakers Bureau has presented to the Heritage Foundation and Leadership Institute, and been on Breitbart and LevinTV. Mr. Wright has also formed a number of working groups including a grassroots media echo chamber, a state leaders network, a counter-Antifa action group, a behind-the-scenes anti-sharia group, and a weekly ‘RINO Hunt’ group that endeavors to return the Republican Party to a party of principle again. “We have not even scratched the surface of what we can do if only we will work together, effectively.” Contact: