AI Bioweapons: Mankind’s New Nightmare?

“The singularity” is a hypothetical point in time where the growth of technology gets out of control and becomes irreversible, for better or worse. Many believe the singularity will involve AI becoming self-conscious and unmanageable by its creators, but that’s not the only way the singularity could play out.

Mental Jigsaw – How AI Carves Out Space In Your Brain

The potential to control others via human-machine interface is extraordinary. Modern society teems with lonely, unstable individuals, each one primed for artificial companionship and psychic manipulation. With chatbots getting more sophisticated, even relatively stable people are vulnerable. Young digital natives are most at risk.

China’s Alibaba Joins AI Race To Challenge ChatGPT

Investors in Alibaba (ticker: BABA) may be cheering the Chinese tech giant’s decision to develop a public-facing AI chatbot, with shares in the group jumping 2% in U.S. premarket trading.

Alibaba has developed and is currently putting a ChatGPT-style tool through internal testing, the company said Wednesday.