Biblical sexuality

Whistleblower Exposes Child Experiments

The facade of “gender-affirming care” for minors is beginning to disintegrate. A whistleblower recently came forward to shed light on the atrocities of a Missouri youth transgender clinic and all gloves are off. Now, leaders at every level are coming to her defense and to the defense of children everywhere.

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Biblical Sexuality Explained

it is not conducive to our new lives of righteousness. Immoral practices like adultery, fornication, homosexuality, and pornography should be discarded with our previous lives. God has such a better plan for us than we often realize or care to admit – lives of joy and fulfillment. Isn’t it time we started living His way?

The Taxpayer-Funded Child Abuse System

eachers’ unions have become enormously powerful by turning their membership and their resources into assets for the Democrats resulting in an out of control taxpayer-funded child abuse system that you are paying for.