Is the Entire Banking System About to Collapse?

Like a cascading domino effect, three large banks have failed in a single week – one of which was the second largest bank failure in US history. Will the government’s biased bailout system end up fueling a small handful of mega-banks, thus facilitating the rollout of a central bank digital currency?

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Deep State Plan Behind the Banking Crisis: Alex Newman

Alex explains how there are obvious parallels with what happened in the Great Depression: First, flooding the economy with low-interest credit, then sucking the money out of the system, crashing everything, and scooping up assets for pennies on the dollar. Perhaps even more importantly, Newman breaks down how the Federal Reserve System works and how this was engineered.

The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State

I completely agree with Kheriaty’s notion that it is imperative that people understand where we’re headed — that the COVID measures weren’t just responses to a given pandemic, but rather laid the foundation for a totalitarian one world government, where human rights and freedoms will no longer exist.

The Africa Problem: Why Didn’t They Succumb to COVID?

Scientists are said to be ‘mystified’ as to how Africa fared so well during the pandemic. Less than 6% of the African population was jabbed, so why did they fare so much better than developed nations with high jab rates? Now the WHO is taking desperate measures to conceal the truth.

The Ukraine War Is Laundering a Ponzi Scheme

Estimates say that $200 million in donations were raised but from this $200 million only $22 million were officially used … The remaining $178 million mysteriously disappeared, leading many to believe it had been laundered back to the United States. ~ Crypto Hub