Dana Loesch: TRY THAT IN A SMALL TOWN: Country Music Superstar John Rich On The Jason Aldean Reaction

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Dana (@DLoesch/@DanaLoeschRadio) talks with Country Music Superstar/Owner Redneck Riviera/Co-Founder Old Glory Bank, John Rich (@johnrich) on the reaction to the Jason Aldean song, the goodness that is Redneck Riviera, and the importance of Old Glory Bank. Jason Aldean’s song is just simply true.

When you look at ANTIFA and BLM riots over the years, they were happening in the ‘Big, Blue’ cities – because they KNOW they won’t get away with that crap in a small town.

John Rich is releasing a new song next month in response to everyone being offended these days, called “I’m Offended” – be looking out for that one! Old Glory Bank is also discussed.

If you haven’t seen the recent bank account closures, of people that the banks ‘didn’t agree with’ – start paying attention – that’s where this is all going, especially with the issuance of CBDCs – make sure you never get shut out from your money – Visit OldGloryBank.com

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See all the good John Rich is doing at http://Redneckriviera.com Broadcast terrestrially coast to coast, stream, podcasted, one of the top 10 radio programs in the nation.

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