The Book of Revelation: Chapters 13-14

Revelation 13-14

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What is Satan’s agenda and ultimate fate? Find out with hosts Tim Moore, Nathan Jones, and Dave Bowen on the television program, Christ in Prophecy!

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Tim Moore: Welcome once again to Christ in Prophecy. Today we’re continuing our intensive study of the Book of Revelation. If you missed the first five episodes in this series, I’d encourage you to visit our website, or YouTube channel, and watch those preceding lessons. Revelation is a daunting book for people who have been told that it is only full of doom and gloom. Certainly, for those who reject Jesus Christ and His offer of salvation, the wrath described throughout Revelation abides on them. But for followers of Christ, there is no condemnation and therefore no wrath awaiting them. Christians can read Revelation with great anticipation, knowing that Jesus revealed what He wants us to understand, and trusting in the promised blessing for all who read and heed this wonderful book of prophecy.

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Nathan Jones: Well we’ve cited Dr. Henry Morris, the founder of the Institute of Creation Research before, and he said, “Revelation is not hard to understand; it’s hard to believe. But if you will believe it, you will understand it.” Over the course of this series, our hope is that you will trust in Jesus Christ as your Savior and worship Him as your Lord if you have not done so already. Only then will you be able to understand all the Holy Spirit wants you to glean from Revelation and be assured that God will rescue you from the wrath to come.

David Bowen: You know last week we focused on the merciful Messiah. Jesus appears throughout the book of Revelation. In chapter 1, He spoke with a voice like a trumpet and appeared as a Son of Man among lampstands. In chapter 5, He’s hailed as the Lion of tribe of Judah, but appears as a lamb who was slain, and takes the sealed scroll from the hand of God. And in chapters 6 & 7 He breaks the seals and unleashes the trumpets that pour out God’s wrath upon the earth. Now I said, merciful, because even in the midst of wrath, our great God and Savior remembers mercy. That is why He raised up 144,000 Jewish evangelists. He sends two miraculous witnesses and commands a gospel angel to broadcast the gospel message.



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