The Book of Revelation: Chapters 6-9

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By what judgments will God’s wrath befall the world during the Tribulation? Find out with hosts Tim Moore, Nathan Jones, and Dave Bowen on the television program, Christ in Prophecy! (see the series here)


Tim Moore: Shalom. Thank you for joining us for Christ in Prophecy. Today we will continue our series on the book of Revelation. For the past three episodes we have worked our way through chapters 1 through 5 following the outline to the entire book found in Revelation 1:19. We’ve already discussed the things that John initially saw and the things which are. So, Nathan what constituted the things which John saw?

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Nathan Jones: Well, based on our own outline and of course Jesus’ own testimony, chapter 1 describes the things John initially saw. He provides context for the visions he received on the island of Patmos and makes very clear that Jesus was the revelator, the One who was, and Who is, and Who is to come, who revealed, or unveiled all the things John saw and recorded. It was important to note that already in Chapter 1, John refers to multiple Old and New Testament prophecies without ever mentioning them by name. He will follow that practice throughout the book of Revelation.


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