The Constitution Comes to Chesterfield, June 2nd

“If a nation… expects to be ignorant and free, they expect what never was, and never will be,” said Thomas Jefferson.

If Mr. Jefferson was right, and he usually was, American freedom is in for a rocky ride if we do not soon correct our dismal national ignorance of the Constitution.  Poll after dismal poll shows that Americans do not know even the most basic facts about the Constitution and the government it created.  In a 2014 poll, 64% or Americans could not even correctly name the three branches of government!

For a modest financial investment and the loss of one Saturday, you can correct any ignorance or misinformation you might have about the Constitution by attending Constitution Leadership Initiative’s seminar on 2 June in Chesterfield, VA. 

The seminar is taught by Gary Porter, Executive Director of the Constitution Leadership Initiative, Advisor to the Virginia Christian Alliance, and a retired USAF fighter pilot who lives in Yorktown, VA.


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