The Daily Skirmish – Abortionistas Dirty Tricks Kill the Innocent

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(Editor’s note: See the series on the abortion industry: Bad Actors #1, Bad Actors #2, Bad Actors #3Bad Actors #5, Bad Actors #6, Bad Actors #7.)
Democrat abortion supporters will say and do anything to keep the party going.  They’ll even throw the Rule of Law out the window. 
HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggested the Biden administration ignore the court ruling invalidating the FDA’s approval of the abortion drug mifepristone. 

But that’s just for starters.  Here are some of the other things discovered recently abortionistas are doing to promote the radical abortion agenda:
D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is stalling media inquiries about the investigation into the suspicious deaths of five babies at a D.C. abortion clinic a year ago – including Baby Boy 1 – some of whom might have been left to die after being born alive.  D.C. police won’t comment. 
Once again, I defy anyone to look at the iconic photo of Baby Boy 1 and tell me he was not a human being. 
If you support his killing, you’re despicable. 
No justice for the innocent and no Rule of Law.  Here’s what else abortion activists are up to:
  • misrepresenting that the overturning of Roe v. Wade prevents medical care for miscarriages
  • publishing false pictures of empty gestational sacs after nine weeks, suggesting abortion is no big deal, without disclosing the fact the embryos had already been removed
  • forcing private insurers to cover elective abortions by executive order after the state legislature voted down the measure
  • misusing medical privacy laws as a shield to thwart state investigations into abortionists who kill unborn babies in violation of pro-life laws
  • slanting poll questions to falsely claim a majority of Americans support abortion
  • letting less qualified nurse practitioners perform abortions
  • falsifying health reasons to perform late-term abortions for healthy mothers who simply do not want to carry their babies to term
  • ratcheting up the pressure on women who travel out of pro-life states to have abortions by reminding them their abortions have already been paid for
  • trying to pass state laws to have schools facilitate secret abortions for students without parental knowledge or consent
  • forcing students to buy subscriptions to their professor’s website that donates to Planned Parenthood
What a bunch of dirty, low-down tricks.  These are disgusting people doing disgusting things to support a disgusting policy.  Isn’t there something wrong when you have to lie, cheat, and steal to make your case? 
But maybe you’re one of those people who thinks winning is the only thing and so the ends justify the means.  If you’re one of those out there cheering the Democrats on, all I can say is you’ve got some serious soul-searching to do, if you can still find it.


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