The Daily Skirmish – COVID Vaccines and the Case Against Technocracy

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Technocracy would be great, if it weren’t for the technocrats.  Technocracy is the idea that experts working for the government know better than you do how to run your life and are, therefore, entitled to tell you what to do.   Nice theory, but the COVID vaccine fiasco shows you just how stupid the theory is when put into practice. 

I’ll get to my own court case on the vaccine safety issue in a minute but, first, a lot of other people are working on this issue now and all our combined efforts show you just how bad it was what our government did to us.  The experts and apologists keep saying there is no proof the vaccines caused anyone to die, but a review of 325 autopsies by medical professionals found that COVID vaccines were the cause of death in three-quarters of the cases, primarily from vaccine-induced heart trouble. 

EU technocrats were aware of tens of thousands of adverse events and thousands of deaths after vaccination at the same time they were proclaiming there were no safety signals and the benefits of the vaccines outweighed the risks.  Remember that line about benefits and risks, because it’s exactly what U.S. regulators say to this day.  Our own CDC admitted this month that it decided not to include diagnostic codes showing COVID vaccines as the cause of death on a number of death certificates, leading to accusations the CDC is hiding vaccine injuries in federal records with the intent to deceive the public about the risks. 

The FDA ignored the mounting evidence of vaccine-induced deaths and refused to put warnings on COVID vaccine labels, despite pleas from watchdogs.  The FDA insists there is insufficient proof of causation, which is funny because federal law only requires some basis to believe there is a problem, not strict proof, before warnings are supposed to go on.  Bottom line: people didn’t get the right information because the government withheld it from them.

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Now, on to my case in federal court in the District of Columbia.  I just filed a motion to compel searches for records from HHS components, including the CDC and FDA, for documents containing or discussing decisions by agency officials – including HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra – to undertake or not undertake causation and other safety studies on the COVID vaccine incident reports in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). 

I filed my FOIA request more than a year and a half ago and filed suit when it became apparent HHS was stonewalling me.  In all that time, HHS has not released to me a single new record not previously released in other FOIA cases – NOT ONE.  Nothing that could legitimately be called a search has been performed.  HHS has scoffed at the law and the court. 

I’ve never seen anything like this in years of FOIA litigation.  Usually agencies stonewall by conducting token searches and releasing a few inconsequential records.  Not HHS in this case.  It is my contention they didn’t search at all, showing contempt for the Freedom of Information Act and the Rule of Law.   They didn’t search their databases, their email systems, or even ask employees where relevant records might be.

HHS Secretary Becerra cannot very well claim he is out of the loop when it comes to COVID vaccines when he has repeatedly been in the news pronouncing on COVID vaccine matters, the latest instance being last week when he warned COVID vaccine manufacturers not to price gouge on their next round of vaccines. 

Anthony Fauci, who worked for HHS, was all over the media during the pandemic.   The government spent a billion dollars to push the narrative ‘the vaccines are safe and effective’ in the media.  At the same time, Fauci, others at HHS, the White House, and other agencies were engaged in a “massive, sprawling federal ‘Censorship Enterprise'” suppressing truthful information about COVID vaccines and other matters in what a federal judge earlier this month called “the most massive attack against free speech in United States history.” 

HHS and other government censors tried to keep us from learning about the hazards of the COVID vaccines.  They also criticized natural immunity, saying the vaccines were better, which is not true.  They lied to us and suppressed truthful information, making informed consent for getting vaccinated impossible.  Instead of giving us all the information and relying on people to make decisions that were best for themselves, these technocrats presumed to know what was best for everybody and to make our decisions for us.  

These people think they’re in charge and rule over us.  They don’t understand their own country.  They think this is a technocracy when, in fact, it is a constitutional Republic where We The People are sovereign. 

Our government’s line, as in the EU, has consistently been the benefits of the COVID vaccines outweigh the risks.  Maybe, but that doesn’t explain why they spent a billion dollars to have the media lie to us about the vaccines, and suppressed information about the dangers of vaccination and the million-plus adverse reaction reports piling up in government databases.  They deliberately gave people the wrong information so they could not make informed choices for themselves. 

These technocrats, for whatever reason, arrogated to themselves the right to make people’s decisions for them.  This turns our system of government upside down.   As a result, thousands of people took the vaccine and went to their graves trusting their government, a government that betrayed them, usurped their choices, and robbed them of their freedom and their individual sovereignty.  A technocratic government that completely disregarded the sovereignty and primacy of the American people in the belief that it knew best. 

I cannot tell you how furious all of this has made me.  I will never rest until we have justice for the vaccine victims who went to their deaths trusting a government that deliberately betrayed them for its own cynical purposes. 

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