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I first warned you about adverse reactions and deaths linked to the COVID vaccines in July of 2021.  [Daily Skirmish – 7/20/21]  I took heat at the time for bringing the problem to the public’s attention. [Daily Skirmish – 11/10/21]  It’s nice to know lots of people have woken up and are now issuing warnings of their own.

When I first started reporting on this, roughly 18,000 people in the U.S. had died shortly after receiving a COVID vaccine.  That number now surpasses 34,000, according to official government numbers.  The government has not investigated these deaths in any serious way and the two so-called mortality studies that have been done tell you not to worry, the overall benefit of the vaccines exceeds the harms.  That is a mere conclusory declaration, devoid of any analysis or objective standards.  The purpose of the declaration is to keep the government’s phony narrative that the vaccines are safe and effective going.

But it’s getting harder for people to believe that narrative with each passing day, given the caliber of the people issuing new warnings.  

An MIT professor called for the immediate suspension of the COVID vaccines. “This is not a theory anymore,” the professor said, pointing to the link between the vaccines and myocarditis heart problems.  “These are proven facts that basically undermine any sense of safety about these vaccines.”

A military doctor testified in court a superior ordered her to cover up COVID vaccine injuries. She further testified the data shows that deaths of military members from the vaccines exceed the number of deaths from COVID itself.

Florida’s Surgeon General recommended 18- to 39-year-old males not get COVID vaccines after finding an 84 percent increase in the number of cardiac-related deaths within 28 days of vaccination.

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A doctor who is the lead author on peer-reviewed research re-analyzing the initial clinical trials called for suspending the vaccines.  He pointed to multiple autopsy studies finding conclusive evidence the vaccines are inducing sudden cardiac deaths.  He said the Omicron variant is less deadly and evades the vaccines, reducing their benefit.  He also said the FDA has found a high number of serious adverse events, but has failed to inform the public about them.  Good point.  The government has spent a billion dollars telling us the vaccines are safe and effective and probably zero dollars telling us about adverse reactions.

A doctor in Louisiana said the COVID vaccines should be taken off the market until new clinical trials can prove the assertion the benefits outweigh the harms.  He co-authored a peer-reviewed study showing the vaccinated are at higher risk of serious adverse events. 

Japan is officially investigating the high number of people dying after receiving COVID vaccinations.  A team of researchers is suing the Japanese government for covering up the side effects of COVID vaccines. 

Doctors in the U.K. are asking the government to investigate the vaccines given the high number of adverse reaction reports. 

The World Health Organization now admits the vaccines have serious side effects, a whole list of them.

Word is finally getting out there’s a huge problem here.  In Canada – where the government has paid out on 50 claims of COVID vaccine injuries and must deal with 1,200 more – the “You Are Not Alone” campaign has launched to build public awareness about vaccine injuries.  The campaign started by putting big signs on trucks rolling on city streets.  Protests were held at the BBC in the U.K. and the largest news agency in the Netherlands where the buildings were covered with posters, placards, and photos of people who died from COVID vaccines.  The protesters accused the media of covering it all up. 

Everyone responsible for this disaster can stonewall all they want, but the truth will out and justice for the victims of COVID vaccine injuries and deaths will eventually be done.

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