The Daily Skirmish – Davos: What the International Authoritarian Left Has Planned for You

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Imagine a world where you can’t eat meat, voters are to be ignored, and speaking your mind is forbidden.  That’s what the globalists who showed up at Davos last week have planned for you.  It gets worse.  Betcha didn’t know you were just a guinea pig and your purpose in life is to satisfy these people’s lust for power.

What gathering of the international elite would be complete without Al Gore raving like a lunatic about global warming?  He was in rare form at Davos last week, ranting about boiling oceans, atmospheric rivers, and how global warming is like setting off 600,000 nuclear bombs a day.  Sounds awful, but this would be the same Al Gore who predicted all the ice would be gone from the North Pole by 2013.  The problem is people still believe his shtick and want to stick it to you so Al Gore can profit from his green energy investments. 

So, in the future, according to one presenter at Davos, you will have to ask to use a car and the cloud will monitor – and eventually control – your every move.  Another presenter said flatly, “There will be no cars,” only environmentally friendly transportation running on renewable energy.  Kumbaya.  Already, ’15-minute cities’ are in the works in Britain and France.  Everything you need will be within 15 minutes of where you live and you will not be allowed to go outside of your zone more than a certain number of times a year, or you will be fined.  The government will enforce this through cell phone tracking and facial recognition technology.  Sign me up!

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But more is required to stop global warming.  Capitalism, the great scourge of humanity that has lifted more people out of poverty than any other system, must be ‘overcome’ or the planet faces “extinction”.  That’s according to Colombia’s far-left President, a former Marxist guerilla fighter.  He would turn everything over to the U.N. which would become the central planner for the entire global economy.  Central planning has been a complete disaster wherever it’s been tried.  Just ask the Soviet Union.  Oh, you can’t.  It’s defunct.

Then we were treated to the spectacle of FBI Director Christopher Wray at Davos openly calling for fascism, more partnership between tech companies and the government to suppress information.  National security depends on it, he claimed.  Apparently, he’s not the least bit embarrassed by recent revelations his FBI conspired with Twitter to censor free speech it did not like.  This man is scary. 

Tony Blair called at Davos last week for a “National Digital Infrastructure” to keep track of who has and who has not been vaccinated in future pandemics.  Thus, he joins those previously calling for global digital health certificates and vaccine passports.  The World Health Organization is already at work on all this.  The U.N., again – world government, all bow down.

All these would-be Masters of the Universe want to run your life.  They think they know better than you and possess secret knowledge that will end all human suffering.  Wannabe puppet master Klaus Schwab set the tone for all this when he opened the conference by calling on the elites present to “master the future.”  John Kerry spilled the beans when he said he is part of a “select group of human beings” whose job it is to save the planet. 

What’s laughable about all this arrogance is that it’s been around for a very long time.  It’s the Gnostic fantasy which goes back to ancient times – the belief

the world and humanity can be fundamentally transformed and perfected through the intervention of a chosen group of people (an elite), a man-god, or men-Gods, Übermensch, who are the chosen ones that possess a kind of special knowledge (like magic or science) about how to perfect human existence.

Kerry, Schwab, and the others may have a sick psychological need to believe they are special and are here to save us from ourselves, but we don’t have to believe them.  I call them the “Delusionati” – derived from the ‘Illuminati’ secret society – because they suffer from delusions of grandeur and lack the self-awareness to realize they have fallen into the age-old trap of unjustifiably believing they’re better than everybody else.  Even if they are, my message to them is the same: Keep your grubby hands off my life.  This planet doesn’t have your name on it.

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