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Calls are growing for the impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas – if Republicans take back the House – for failing to faithfully execute the nation’s immigration laws and leaving the southern border wide open.  Mayorkas, you will recall, keeps yapping about “equity” which, when translated into the immigration context, means bringing as many non-whites into the country as possible to fight the evil white supremacist American people.  Apparently, he believes his own propaganda, making him a deeply troubled man willing to ignore or break any law to implement his vision of racial payback.

Drug Cartels Control Our Southern Border

His brand of equity comes at a cost, however.  Mayorkas’ policies have effectively put drug cartels in control of the southern border.  Border agents seized 123 pounds of heroin, cocaine and marijuana in the El Paso area earlier this month. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

The cartels are using thousands of drone flights to spot gaps in border enforcement, thus informing them where to concentrate their drug smuggling and human trafficking activities.  The drones are also used to get fentanyl across the border, since it doesn’t take big amounts of that drug to get a big pay-off.  The DEA is warning about a spike in “mass-overdose events”, clusters of fentanyl overdoses and deaths in Austin, Omaha, and other cities.

Terrorists Invading Our Country

Another cost of pursuing racial payback is the growing national security threat from an open border.  Twenty-three illegal aliens caught crossing the border last year were on the terrorist watch list.  We still don’t know what the Biden administration did with them, despite people asking questions.  Were they released into the interior of the country like so many other illegal aliens?  We don’t know; the Biden administration isn’t saying. 

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The administration is also hiding the ball on data regarding arrests and deportations, information that was routinely released in previous years.  The lack of data allows criminal illegal aliens to run free in the country and prevents analysis of the true effects of the government’s immigration policies, critics say.  They also say this suits Secretary Mayorkas and his colleagues just fine because they oppose their own Department’s mission, and don’t care who gets hurt in the process of pursuing racial payback. 

The administration also continues to keep illegal alien night flights secret.  Critics say the activity shows a systematic plan to move illegal aliens by the hundreds of thousands – or millions – to multiple states around the country, many of them unaccompanied children. 

But the ideologues at DHS aren’t done, yet.  After the pushback on lifting Title 42 COVID restrictions at the border, the Biden administration has already started letting more illegal aliens into the country by exempting them from health regulations.  A memo went out instructing the Border Patrol to work with advocacy groups to get as many illegal aliens as possible into the country using the exemption process.  This means the expected Title 42 avalanche of new arrivals is already starting.  By the way, exemption from health regulations means not only more COVID, but more ebola, yellow and dengue fever, and drug-resistant tuberculosis being brought into the country in the name of ‘equity’.  [Frank Gaffney’s Secure America show, 4/26/22]

Some states are fighting back. 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott made news when he put illegal aliens on buses to drop them off in Washington, D.C.  Twenty-six Republican-led states have joined forces to share intelligence and fight drug and human trafficking.  But there’s only so much states can do, after the Supreme Court told Arizona it could not enforce federal immigration laws on its own ten years ago. 

If you are an activist fighting the open borders crazies in DHS and the Biden administration, get in touch with me at  I can amplify your work through my network of more than a thousand activists, many of whom have substantial activism and media platforms of their own.  We don’t have to wait for the Republicans to take back the House.  We can put our heads together and figure out ways to get better enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws now. 

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